Dream vs. Reality Prospecting for Gold Essay Sample

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My name is bobby singer I’m living in New York City looking for some excitement in my life and I heard there was some gold in the west toward California. It was hard to tell my family I’m leaving them to go out to find out who I am in life. As I was telling my wife about what I was going to she slapped me and California and if

and if they ask to tell them I’m going on a rip for work. She agreed to my terms even if it was going to kill her to do so. So I left during the night when the family is soundly asleep and went on with my trip. My first trip before heading to California I heard of a place in South Dakota, Deadwood. So I finally made it to Deadwood and there was a lot of crime but a lot of people looking for gold buying land to gold prospect.

So I went into town to look for where I can go buy some little land to get land to prospect. Well I finally purchase my land and now onward to the supplies store to get items need to gold prospect. As I’m heading to the gold site with my gear I notice some sounds in the trees but it ends up just being a bunny but as I look away from the bunny I end up looking a gun in my face. The guy says he wants my land and all my money. I tried talking to him to work it out he declined it all he wanted was my money and land and I questioned him and ask why. So he shoot my in the leg and took everything from me. He left me there to bleed out on the ground and as I am writing my last thoughts in my journal of my journey all I have to say is that I love my family.

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