Dress and Mrs White Friend Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

One upon a time, there is a cute little dwarf named Dopey who lives in a hamlet the outskirst of metropulus. In a breezy afternoon, he was sitting on the grass under a tree. He had been watching the birds flying south to a warm country for the water. He have a blast during the birds were flying. Now he was tired of watching the birds and he decided to find something else to watch. Suddenly, a little wing-shaped thing came floating by his face.

“Wow! It’s a fairy” said Dopey , excitedly. She such a top of the line’s creatures. I must go straight away and catch one’s eye. “Oh yes! I must tell Mrs White, his guardian that i’ve seen a fairy!”. Along the journey, Dopey had saw a girl with dress a gown like dressed to killl. Eh girl, don’t make me take one’s breath away because of you. I must to find my guardian. Dopey was conitnued his searching to find Mrs white and after a few minutes, she came to see what had excited Dopey so much. Then she too saw a little wing-shaped thing flying through the air.

“Oh Dopey, you are funny! That’s a sycamore seed, falling to the ground from the tree above. Did you see one, the think it was a fairy? Dopey had to agree that he had a mistake. Mrs White friend, Belly, Aarora, Phillip, Dohru, Bonfamille and Johu had came along with her to see the faines , all began to laugh at Dopey. “Haha! You make one’s day for us with your funny joking.

But Mrs White said Dopey, take it easy and had given her an idea. “We’ll go on a see hunt! she said” We’ill see what other interesting seeds that we can find. We can also have a live it up friends!.

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