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Drug Abuse Essay Sample

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Drug Abuse Essay Sample

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning I bid to all, especially to our beloved lecturer Madam Zainon. Today I would like to deliver a speech about “Drug Abuse”. I shall begin my speech now. Let me ask you something. Do you feel secure when someone from your family members is a drug addict? Would you mind sharing a glass of water with a drug addict? Nowadays, drugs are easy to be possessed as the drug dealer are increasing in term of their number which mean drugs are getting more pleasant to be distributed freely in our community. The youngsters who have drugs in their possession could possibly be one of your family members, your best friends or maybe your kids someday. Not only that, drugs also can be abusive to the individual himself and can affect the society around them including the family of the drug addict. Transition: I’ll begin by telling you about why this kind of activity is immoral and never be practiced by our Malaysian teenagers.

According to the article entitled Drug Abuse & Addiction in 2014, many first try drugs out of curiosity. They said that they want to have a good time, because friends who are doing it claimed that those who do not try drugs are not man enough. Those who got strike with the statement and feel challenged with it will unconsciously influenced by it. Besides that, drugs are also been used in an effort to improve athletic performance as it may help give the users some kind of extra energy to be used in sports. Apart from that, teenagers stated that by consuming drugs, they can ease another problem, such as stress, anxiety, or depression and all the problems faced by the individual can be gone in a blink of an eye. Based on the same article also, it stated that people who experiment with drugs continue to use them because the substance either makes them feel good, or stops them from feeling bad. Problems can sometimes sneak up on you, as your drug use gradually increases over time.

For example, smoking a weed with friends at the weekend, or taking ecstasy at a concert, or cocaine at an occasional party can change to using drugs a couple of days a week to every day. Gradually, getting and using the drug becomes more and more essential to the individual himself. If the drug fulfills a valuable need, they may find themselves increasingly relying on it. For example, you may take drugs to calm you down if you feel anxious or stressed, energize you if you feel depressed, or make you more confident in social situations if you normally feel shy. You may have started using prescription drugs to cope with panic attacks or relieve chronic pain, for example. Until you find any other healthier methods to overcome these problems, your drug use will likely to be continued. Transition: You have now known the reason why some of Malaysian teenagers addicted to drugs. But, did you know the way to avoid from getting involved seriously in drug abuse?

As you all know, there was recent incident happened in our country regarding the drugs abuse. The article taken from The Star Online which was written on 15th March 2014 said that six people have died while three others are in critical condition due to methamphetamine overdose at the Future Music Festival Asia 2014 at Bukit Jalil Stadium. So, how are we, as a citizen of Malaysia need to do in order to avoid this kind of incident from happening again? First of all, avoid addicting substances which has been stated in Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services. The only way to keep away from the scary, uncontrollable drug cravings is to never experiment with substances in the first place. Without that first feeling of curiosity, we don’t really know what we’re missing. Or, maybe we do know what we are missing which are the pain, the struggle and the feeling of hopelessness once a drug takes over our lives. Next point which also taken from the same article advice you to spend time with your family and friends.

Those with parents, families and good friends who are involved in their lives are more likely to avoid drugs. Families that spend time together, hang out and eat meals together have more opportunities for continued conversation. Lastly, deal with peer pressure effectively. Either you are a teenager or not, no one likes to be left out alone. Everyone finds himself or herself doing things they normally wouldn’t do, just to fit in. In these cases, you need to either find a better group of friends that won’t pressure you into doing harmful things, or you just need to find a good way to say no. Transition: Now that you have known the way to avoid it, but still I insist on telling you all about the bad impact of drug abuse. Drugs can be very deceiving towards the users, society and family. In the article taken from the MedlinePlus website which was written recently in 2014, drugs abuse can contribute to variety of diseases towards
individual himself instead of giving momentarily satisfaction.

For example when consuming Marijuana, it can increase the appetite, feeling joy, relaxed feeling including increasing in sensations of sight, hearing and taste. However, there are also bad effects on the consumer’s health. For example which was also taken from the same website, Marijuana can affect you with feelings of panic, excessive fears which also can be called as paranoia, delusions and sore throat. Furthermore, drug abuse also plays a role in many major social problems, such as drugged driving, violence, stress, and child abuse. Other than that, “MedlinePlus” websites also said that drug abuse can lead to homelessness, crime, and problems with keeping a job. Drastically, it can destroy families. When one of family members involved in drug abuse, the other members would be intimidate and could not live peacefully thinking of valuable things getting stolen by their own flesh and blood.

In conclusion, Malaysian’s welfare is a serious issue. Drugs abuse rates among teenagers and adults are increasing rapidly nowadays and little action had been taken by certain organization. In order to avoid from getting involve in this immoral activity, you need to implement this method in your life which are avoid from getting addicted to addicting substances, spent most of valuable time with family and friends by doing something with benefits and effectively deal with peer pressure. Finally, I urge all of you to voice out your dissatisfaction towards drug abuse among teenagers.

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