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Dual And Multi-Core CPU Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Dual- and multi-core CPUs for multi-tasking operations, 64-bit operating systems and compute-intensive applications such as virtualization, 3D, gaming and photo/video editing are accelerating the need for higher-performance memory with reduced power consumption. From notebooks to servers, as energy efficiency becomes a mandate, Samsung DDR3 provides designers the ideal “green” memory solution to build the latest computing platforms DDr3: Massive Bandwidth and Ultra-Low

Power Consumption
The DDR3 standard, based on the JEDEC specification, continues the performance and density increases and architectural improvements seen in the preceding generations of computer memory. Samsung DDR3 delivers extremely high band-width, with data rates currently up to 1.6Gbps, while consuming significantly less power than DDR2, operating at voltages as low as 1.35V for the latest 50nm-node process technology

DDr3 Benefits All Computing Platforms
Samsung DDR3 SDRAM is the optimal memory for today’s powerful, compute-intensive hardware and software platforms. In particular, DDR3 is the ideal memory for the data center, which has a well-documented need for more performance with less energy consumption. Server electricity expendi

tures are increasing annually, with an average data center consuming the equivalent energy of 25,000

households. Memory configuration contributes significantly to cutting power usage. Servers equipped with 4GBs of memory per channel can realize more than 40% power savings by using 2Gb-based modules versus 1Gb-based modules. Similarly, 4GB DDR3 SODIMMs for notebook PCs can achieve comparable power savings when using 2Gb-based components. For servers, desktops or notebooks, Samsung DDR3 delivers the unbeatable combination of maximum bandwidth and density at the lowest power consumption. Key Advantages of DDr3

Higher Performance with Lower Power Consumption
Data rates per pin up to 1.6Gbps
•More than 60% power saving at 2x the performance of DDR2 •1.5/1.35V VDD & VDDQ to support low-voltage platforms
•DQ shielding, self calibration and fly-by topology for better •signal control

Green features:
•Lead-free balls, bumps, finish and RoHs compliant components and material The Ultimate Memory Solution: 2Gb DDr3
Samsung was first to market with a 2Gb DDR3 chip, which is today’s highest-density production memory product and boasts special low-power technology, operating at 1.5V and 1.35V. Based on 50nm-class processes, the new 2Gb DDR3-based modules will save over 40% percent of the power of 1Gb DDR3 modules. Low-power DDR3 will be a critical element in reducing data center costs, improving server time management and increasing overall efficiency. For the new generation of “green” servers, Samsung 2Gb DDR3 will help reduce electricity bills as well as cut the total cost of ownership by lowering system power consumption and decreasing the need for cooling equipment. Samsung’s 2Gb DDR3 chips can be produced in 16GB registered DIMMs for servers, 4GB unbuffered DIMMs for workstations and desktops, and 4GB SODIMMs for laptops. The chip’s dual-die package technology enables twice as much capacity as previous DDR3 components.

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