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Every year that slips by, the idea of a student reading an encyclopedia instead of using a known search engine with a few clicks of a finger becomes less and less familiar. Every hour that drains away, a website is being made to replace older methods of getting things done. From writing research papers to playing games with friends, almost everything created or updated in the last 10 to 15 years is increasingly being aimed at the technologically inclined. Although a vast majority of the newest generation, the millennial age, would protest if you titled them as anything but intellectually superior, it is bluntly obvious how technological advances over the years have tainted their perception, influencing the outcome of their future in a negative manner.

The internet can be a very helpful and efficient source of knowledge, but the dependency the youth has towards the media industry and beyond is quickly giving the millennial age the tag of being the dumbest generation yet. For example, one noticeable trait that has latched onto the adolescent population from the age of 30 and younger is the increase of laziness and the decrease of work ethic each year. This idea was expressed clearly when Nicholas Carr stated that “reading a book or lengthy article used to be easy…” but now research that took hours upon hours in front of actual books in a library can now be done in a few swift “Google searches [and] some quick clicks on hyperlinks…” which in turn take away the ability to use while also strengthen the critical and logical thinking skills independently without the assistance of online networks (source 4). In fact, The youth of our generation have the ability and the responsibility of set the standards for the future by up keeping the moral values of the population of adolescents, but with the pull of peer pressure and the knowledge of searching for the answer online being easier teens and young children have grown comfortable with the idea of settling with nothing more then what is needed to get by, contrary of having the motivation to excel.

Without a doubt it, attractions such as gaming, forums, chat rooms, and a variety of thousands of other different websites available for daily use take away the time the y generation could be using to do something proactive and valuable in regards to themselves and their community. The abundance of technologies within reach is mind boggling and is consequently to blame for the partial downfall of literacy, specifically in the millennial generation. I agree with Steven Johnson when he points out the fact that movies and television shows do not start out with “simple dialogue or narrative structures” and then “steadily build in complexity” solely on the ability and intellectual levels of individual viewers (source 6). Therefore, the main point that the vocabulary of the youth is increased by reading and writing at the beginning level and moving their way up is proven. Watching television and viewing movies out of the viewer’s ability to comprehend hinders the progression that would take place if the information would have been learned at his/her own pace and learning speed without the aid of technology.

The ideas of intellectual value and morality are something that are somewhat of a rare characteristic when talking about the millennial youth due to the fact that they have a rapidly decreasing sense of righteousness. To exemplify, in Mark Bauerlein’s book, he refers to a survey where research shows that the “knowledge and skills haven’t kept pace…” and clarifies the statement saying that the “intellectual habits that complement them are slipping.” teens nowadays come face to face with the temptation of the easy way out (source 1). Online help, the trading of answers between students through texting, the plagiarizing of pieces included in online articles and essays, and the occasional last minute search for the answer key online before a test are all considered forms of cheating and can be used to demonstrate how knowledge and skill aren’t equal on the bar graph of education.

In further explanation, students’ skill level of cheating is constantly increasing while the actual knowledge they are supposed to be learning just isn’t up to par. The significance of the lack of intellectual development of the millennial generation is apparent and does have the ability to be reversed if the population of the generation itself recognizes that is has specific low points that need to be taken care of in order to bring its namesake back up to a level that is worth being talked about and remembered in a positive manner.

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