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1. Summary of the text Dusk over Atlantic Wharf
Lata and Anuj are married and living in Cardiff. Both of them are from India. Anuj has lived there for six years and Lata has been in England for 4 months. She is looking out of the window and thinking about her neighbors. She is too afraid to talk to them. In the beginning of the text they are discussing what they should do this evening. They were going to the Atlantic Wharf theatre and watching a Bollywood movie. Lata is fascinated of the movie because it is about India and she misses her home so much. After the movie she is sad and crying. Anuj is overwhelmed and ask her if she is alright. She said that she is alright and wants to go home. She is needed to accept her new way of living. 2. Characterize Lata and her relationship to Anuj

Lata is a dreamer. She is thinking of India, her family and about good memories she had. Lata’s father has arranged their marriage because he wanted to have a good future for Lata. She had never cleaned the house or the toilet but in her relationship with Anuj there is no hired help. She thinks that she is wearing the wrong clothes when they went to the theatre. She is looking at the other girls and is a little bit jealous about their clothes. She seems clever, because she says in the text that she can finish the crossword in forty minutes. Lata has been married for 4 months and possibly lived in Cardiff for 4 months. Lata told that she one day in India skipped school with her friend Mina. They were watching a movie instead of sitting in school. Lata likes exciting things to do and in India her friends seemed that she is the funniest in their group. When they were watching the movie, she was so excited and wanted to tell her husband about her live in India. In the end of the text Lata is sad about being back in reality and cries a little bit.

She has to accept where she is living now and wants not to make her husband unhappy. Lata’s relationship to Anuj was an arranged marriage. They are not in love, but feelings might come later in their relationship. Lata’s father told her to marry Anuj to get a better future. They do not know each other very well but Lata tries to find out what kind of person her husband is and what kind of food he likes. Anuj is happy about to have a wife like her because he takes her hand in the theatre and is not embarrassed of her in this scene. Later when they were watching the movie he got a little bit embarrassed because she is talking in the movie about her live in India. Lata think that her husband is like a Britain.

3. Comment on the ending
At the end of the text Lata is sad because she is not in India but in Britain. She misses her home and family so much that she cries. Anuj does not know her so well so he looks away and does not know what to do. She dried her eyes and he asked her if she is alright. She said that she is alright and they can go home. For Lata her home is India but she will not make her husband unhappy and is pretending to accept her new home, that’s why she said let’s go home. With this she means her new home in Cardiff.

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