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I am a regular reader of the ,,International News“ and I took notice of your article ,,eSports are real sports“, which appeared on the 21th September 2012. In your article you claimed that eSports are real sports. But first of all you have to mention not only the qualities of eSport but also the qualities of real sports. I think the most import thing of real sports is the physical effort and skill. An individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. You can also play it in different levels but it depends on how good somebody is.

In my opinion eSports cannot be regarded as real sports because real sports are important part of everyone´s life, without it our lives would be extremely tedious. Sports have many positive benefits for a person´s body and mind which eSports do not have really. It also creates life-long friendships and involves teamwork. It is true that you have been more concentrated in eSports than in real sports but in my eyes it still makes a huge difference to real sports.

I also have tried eSports for more than one year. At the beginning it was a real fun to play electronic table tennis because you have to been concentrated on the ball and have to move yourself a little bit. But after 5 minutes it got boring because I was standing in front of the television and just moved my right hand up and down. It was not really exhausting.

All in all, I think it is not my decision whether eSports can be regarded as real sports because everybody has an own imagination.

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