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NAEYC- the national association for the education of young children is the world’s largest organization working on behalf of young children. They help parents and caregivers to provide developmentally appropriate practices for their children, they also help parents find an accredited program for their child, and provide many other great resources. The NAEYC also has professional resources that include: Online learning programs

Intensive training sessions on early childhood subjects
Training DVDs
Annual conferences and workshops
Discounts on any book from their bookstore
Accreditation for facilities
The NAEYC also offers membership opportunities that include: Receive up to six free books a year which contains new research ideas Save up to 20% off NAEYC books and resources
Receive discounts at conferences
Help build your network
Help change the world- NAEYC is a leading voice for early childhood education to Congress and other federal entities http://www.naeyc.org/content/about-naeyc

CCSA- the child care services association is a nonprofit organization that is working to ensure affordable, accessible, quality child care for all families through research, services and advocacy. The CCSA offers many professional resources that include: Advocate for better work standards

Additional resources
Better compensation
Supportive services to enhance the quality of care
Provide information on trainings
Conduct research that is local, statewide, and national
Provide services that are respectful, convenient, easily usable and socially capable. To have principled behavior in the workplace and in the childcare field. The CCSA also offers membership/family opportunities that include: To make sure that no family pays more than 10% of its gross income to child care for one child. Ensure that high quality child care is accessible to all children Free referral services for families


ELL- the association for early learning leaders is a nonprofit organization that has been serving directors, owners and administrators of early care and education programs since 1984. The ELL strives to reinforce the knowledge, skills and capabilities of directors, owners, developing leaders and other early learning professionals to ensure quality programs for children. The ELL provides many professional opportunities some that include: Provide directors with easy to access education and training Access to weekly webinars

High quality training
A Professional Connections journal with quick tips and in-depth articles to help you perform your job better
The ELL also offers membership opportunities that include:
Membership directory network
Free webinars
Free job postings
Professional Connections trade journal
Event registration discount
Director’s hotline
Eligibility for Director of the Year Award
Member discounts on products and services
Membership certificate
Email announcements and notifications
Weekly eNews bulletin
Online Professional Education

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