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Early Childhood Technology Essay Sample

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Early Childhood Technology Essay Sample

Early Childhood setting is a learning process of young children where they develop learning skills. In today’s society, technology has played a big factor in the classroom. The role of technology in the classroom is make sure that appropriate materials are used in supporting children to ensure that they are learning from the software that are used in the classroom. In the classroom the use of computers has a great impact on students because it’s an important role of the learning process. Teachers are looking for ways to solve and meet the needs of students in their classroom. According to Wardle, the problem has been solved, by using computers in the educational setting. Technology in an educational setting will increase the academic skills, eliminate the racial academic performance, reduce drop-out rate, and increase test scores. With technology in the educational setting, make it easier for the teacher in the classroom. With proper software it will be easy for the teacher to grade their students work, get a print out of the activities that were done in the classroom, and also it will give parents the opportunity to see their child/children work within the classroom. It may not accomplish all of the goals, but it does have a place in an early childhood classroom setting.

According to Howard Gardner, young children exhibit a diversity of learning styles. As a teacher we need to determine the developmental needs of the students in the classroom setting. The purpose of technology in the classroom is to expand, enrich, implement, differentiate, and extend the overall curriculum. Teachers can use other source to implement technology in the classroom, for example, if the students are studying about animals, the teacher can pide a cd rom on animals. The can watch, learn and write about the variety of animals that was seen on the computer. It is important when you are implementing technology into your curriculum that you have someone that have knowledge of technology and understand developmentally appropriate practices that will provide a variety of software and websites to explore. In developmentally appropriate setting children explore and make a variety of choices of learning resources that are available to them in the classroom. This gives them the opportunity to explore and interact with others in the classroom.

Every student in the classroom should be able to experience the hands-on activities in the classroom. Once each student in the classroom has had the opportunity to explore the variety of software the teacher can have the computer as a learning center in the classroom. Developmentally appropriate software offers opportunities for collaborative play, learning, and exploration. When the teacher is using a variety of software they must provide software that meets the needs of the students in the classroom. In the curriculum, technology will help with the learning process. The students will be able to explore and use their imagination and solve problems. When using software in the classroom make sure that they are using software that the students need to master in their classroom.

Young children are eager to learn and explore when they are sharing ideas and playing. They feel that it is important that they share their make believe stories to each other. Having technology in the classroom will give the students the opportunity to learn and explore. It will also give the students a chance to learn how to use a computer. A variety of software will give them a chance to increase their vocabulary and learn new words. According to Haugland, there are appropriate ways to use computers in the classroom. When the teacher is setting up her center for technology, she should provide a place where it is visible for all students to see so that they can share ideas.

Technology in the classroom is rapidly increasing in today’s society and it provides the opportunity for the students in the classroom to learn, explore, and develop important learning skills to be successful in the classroom. When children see computers they are eager to learn and explore on them because some of them have not had a chance to use them. Learning in the classroom can be challenging when the students are on different levels, it is important to have a variety activities so that the students can explore and share their ideas with each other. Having small group activities will give them a chance to share ideas with each other. When the teacher is planning her lessons she should provide activities for all students in the class. Technology is a great tool for the learning process and is good to use to help those students to master skills that need to be mastered.


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