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Early memories Essay Sample

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Early memories Essay Sample

Looking back at my school years nothing really seems to be of importance until I reached middle school, I don’t remember my first morning and the build up to the new school but I do remember my first after noon, I sat at my table which was much bigger than I was used to. A friend from Barnwood my previous school was to my right his name was Darren Gay there are two reasons why he sticks in my mind; one his surname and two when he worked his tongue would allays hang out I don’t know why this was but he always did it.

I remember finishing my hand writing practice quickly and due to me being left handed and writing with a new fountain pen I left a blue smudge across the page this was to become one of my trade marks over the years looking around the class I saw that I was the first to finish and so I jumped up from my chair and said “Ha ha! I finessed first I get first pick! ” The room fell silent and everyone’s eyes fell upon me, Excuse me? ” questioned Mrs O’grady (and I hate her for this) “The toys! ” I said impatiently “do you have any transformers? ” Mrs O’grady stepped up from her desk and walked towards me wearing an angry expression on her face, “How dare you! ” I went white with shock, “Toys? Where do think you are primary school? ”

I was very upset and in tears and I cried back, “That’s not fair! I finessed first! with this I was sent out of the class until the end of the day at 3 o’clock My mum was waiting for at the gate eager to hear her sons stories of his first day at big school I don’t remember talking to my mum on the way back, but I do remember kicking the conkers down the road until I got home when I got home I threw off my shoes ran upstairs and started to play with my toy transformers. The playground was a vast area to me many of the year group stayed paired up with a friend from primary school, the older year fours ran around in big groups and terrorised us until we decided to “group up. ”

Myself and Darren joined a group of twenty other boys all from different classes there was anther group witch had been formed also of twenty boys, For the next few weeks the two new groups or gangs as we now called them called suit to the year four and picked on the year three’s who were foolish enough not to join a gang, our gang’s meeting area was an old oak tree and from across the playground we could see the other gang dominating the Wendy house area and all was well until one lunch time Darren came running to the tree and said “boys from the other gang had picked on him and threatened him so all of our Gang marched over to the Wendy house to ask what was going on, this led to everyone arguing and soon a huge fight had broken out this was until the dinner ladies caught on that we weren’t play fighting and ran over to break us up.

We all in turn were told of by the head mistress after doing our huge group detention it was said that the other gang wasn’t going to get away with this, and so for the following week there were little scuffles when we could do them, normally behind the dinner ladies back while she was distracted by the girls skipping but when the some more boys got caught fighting the dinner ladies told us that we had to play football and mix up the gangs so we could all become this did stop the fighting but never stopped the distrust and unity we had from the gang time.

When we hit year four we felt like veterans, we new the daily routines we knew the teachers and more importantly we new what teachers to avoid, but nothing could have prepared us the change of classroom and teacher. Instead of having strict Mrs O’grady we had a teacher called Mrs Fordyce she was middle aged woman with greying hair and a pair of thin spectacles witch she rested on her nose, she was also known for being the teacher who constructed the huge art displays every one had something good to say about Mrs Fordyce. She was also the reason why I liked school for a period of time

Mrs Fordyce took us on adventures with the roman armies and explored the ancient Egyptians tombs and places she even took us into battle with queen bodacia every lesson was different its own special memory, for instance when she brought in a real poacher to read us Danny the Champion of the World or the time she bought Jim in who was a naval officer who told of the time he served in Egypt Mrs Fordyce Even got me a part in the nativity play witch mum dragged the whole family to see and every time I came on to the stage there was a cheer from the back corner coming from the men of the going family. I loved year four mainly because of Mrs Fordyce and there will always be a place in my memory for her.

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