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Earthquakes Essays


Kobe Earthquake, Japan

Japan is positioned on the margin of the Eurasian Plate. Where these plates meet it is known as a subduction zone, where effectively one plate slides under the other. Along these subduction zones there are both deep and shallow earthquakes

The Factors that Affect the Impact of Earthquakes

There are various different factors that affect the impact that an earthquake has, not only on humans but the environment. Earthquakes are fundamentally caused by friction between lithospheric plates moving in different directions either constructively or destructively. Therefore, the major

Earthquakes - The Most Deadly Natural Catastrophes

Earthquakes are considered one of the most deadly natural catastrophes that can affect human life. Most often, a quake occurs in earthquake-prone zones where two tectonic plates meet, split, or slip by one another; the type of plate contact determines

Investigations in to Natural disasters - Earthquakes

The first of the earthquakes in Afghanistan occurred in the evening of Monday 26 March 2002. This earthquake struck on the Hindu Kush Mountains; these mountains were struck by earthquakes in 1998. These mountain ranges are particulalary prone to earthquakes

Earthquake-Resistant Structures

Earthquake-resistant structures are structures, like defensive fortifications in military engineering, that are designed, in some cases, for the warfare on earthquakes. Both earthquake and military general design principles are similar: be ready to slow down or mitigate the advance of

Earthquake: Basic Information

Types of Plates Margins and How they Move              Based on the relative movements or activities of adjoining locations, there are three kinds of “plate margins/boundaries” identified (Maglambayan et. al, 2000, pp. 35 – 51).  These are the following: “1)

The Cause of Earthquakes

When people hear the word earthquake, most of them would probably say it is ‘the shaking of the ground’ or ‘buildings collapse during earthquakes,’ while some would probably describe it in one word: chaos, catastrophe, etc. You get the picture.

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