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It might be helpful to be guided by easy-to-remember keywords when faced with a physics problem, weather a classroom type or research problem. The PEP cover shows a hexagonal arrangement common in physics and bio chemistry to symbolize geometry (Geometrika). The ball and arrow symbolizes matter in motion (Physika). The radiating gradient inside the hexagon symbolizes energy (Energia). Geometrika – what is the geometry of the problem? (Position, dimensions, scale and size,

/> (Position, dimensions, scale and size, etc.)
Physika – what are the material properties of the system?
(Solid, Liquid, or Gas; rigid or deformable, charged or not, single or many parts, etc.) Energia – what are interactions between the system and its environment? (internal and external forces on the system, etc.)

Activity #2
Activity Title: Rules for Strategic Learning
Learning Target: To do strategic learning of physics under the learning as one nation project. Rules| Pedagogical Basis
The facilitations shall give the students one learning activity at a time.| Learning by small chucks enhances absorptions.| Every student shall copy by hand all park of the given activity starting from the title up to the exercise.| Usually psychomotor combination enhances memory retention.| Do the activity before watching the lecture demo on DVD.| Learning of new material initially without guide enhances analytical thinking and focuses inquiry.| All solutions must be written step by step as neatly as possible including numerical computations no calculators will be allowed for use during activity time.

Computation by hand enhances mental ability and speed-important in talking international and local university entrance exams. Reviewing for correctness is also facilitated.| All units or dimensions (such as m.s m/s kg and so on) must be retained in all parts of the solution of the problem.| This enhances speed and accuracy in doing algebra with variables. Dimensional check of final result is facilitated.| All learning activities (with solutions, drawing, graphs, exams, small project) shall be filled in the comprehensive student portfolio.| Filling in the portfolio enhances organization, categorized memory retention, visualization and synthesis.

Activity #3
Activity Title: Year-long Plan for My Physics Subject
Learning Target: To plan and survey physics concepts to be learned Topic| Sub-topic| Specific|
The Nature of Physics| Nature, history applications methods and tools of physics| Physics as a basic Science Math tools, Scientific method| Geometry and Measurement| Dimensions references frames and coordinates, directions and vectors| MRS or SI system for basic measurements, scientific notation, conversion of units| Kinematics and Dynamics: How and why object move the way they do| Kinematics: Describing rectilinear motion| Displacement, velocity, acceleration freely falling bodies/objects| | Force, mass and motion| Newton’s laws momentum, impulse, conversation of momentum| | Forces and fluids| Archimedes principle|

| Elastic forces| Hooke’s laThe simple harmonic ascillator | | Centripetal forces| Uniform circular motion, centrifugal effect angular momentum| | Interaction between an object and a electromagnetic fields moving electric charges| Coulomb’s law of electric forcesCurrents, Circuits, Electronics| | Interaction between an object and a gravitational field| Kepher’s laws, universal gravitational period of simple pendulumProjectile: Parabolic Motion| | Atomic and Nuclear: Interactions weak force and radioactivity| | Energy: Forms, sources, transmission conversion and equivalence with matter (E = mc2) | Work and powerMechanical EnergyConversation of Energy| Work and placeKinetic Energy, gravitational and elastic potential energy, work energy theorem| | Electromagnetic inductionElectrical energy and power| Derted’s discovery, Faiaday’s law| | Waves and the transfer of energy| Type of wavesVelocity, wave length, frequency reflection, retraction, diffraction Electromagnetic waves optics, mirrors and lenses| | Heat EnergyNuclear Energy| Laws of thermodynamics, entropyNuclear fission, Nuclear reactor| Activity #6

Activity Title: Math Review – substitution in equation
Learning Target: To substitute given variables and numbers

It is very important to know how to substitute values in an equation. For example, if asked to find the circumference c of a circle, we use the equation: c=2πr
In the equation, r is the radius of the circle & π = 3.14 (an irrational number whose approximately value of 3.14 is often used). If we are given the value of the radius of the circle, then we can find the circumference. For Example, if r=500 cm, we can make the substitutions for the values of r and π we then have the solution; c=2πr

c=2(3.14) (500cm)
Exercises in substitution:
1. The area of a circle is given by A=πr2, find the area of a circle which has a radius of 6.50 cm 2. The Pythagorean Theorem studied in Geometry gives a relation between the A and B. The relation is written as: c=a2+b2. Find the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle if its legs are lengths 6.0 and 8.0 cm

Activity #5
Title: “Dimension and coordinates”
Learning target: To define dimensions and use coordinates to locate a point in different dimensions.

In physics, the terms dimensions and coordinates are used to describe motion of a system. Incomplete information about the significant dimensions of a system lead to wrong analysis. It is, therefore, important to understand the meaning of these terms. RECALL GEOMETRY LESSONS ON THE POINT LINE, PLANE, & SPACE *The geometrical point has no extent. We say that it has zero measure. * A point on a line is described by a single no. For example we have the number line.

* A point on a plane is described by 2 numbers_ the ordered pair. For example, a point on the Cartesian Plane is described by the coordinate y on y- axis. The x – axis and the coordinate y on the y – axis. The x- axis and y-axis are just number lines perpendicular to each other.

How many dimensions do the ff. items have?

* Thin wire
* Thin sheet of paper
* Box

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