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The Earth Carly Le Blanc’s performance is highly exceptional. There’s no reason for her to quit and drop the class. She could have reached even farther with the knowledge and skills she had for her marketing strategy. But then, being in business one should consider not only the profit but also its social responsibility towards his/her country and countrymen. If I were Carly Le Blanc, I would rather prefer to

prefer to order the t-shirts from San Francisco T-shirts though the price is quite high but then it’s worth the quality not to mention that it uses an organic and eco-friendly kind of materials, compared to Chinese manufacturer who is just producing quantity rather than quality t-shirts. Besides, she could also extend help to the workers of that company considering that it’s recession period and eventually to the country’s economy. After all most of the businesses that are successful and stable are those who produce not only good but quality products.

Answer: The Case of Nutritional Foods If I were Fred James, I would rather investigate the “Flow of Food” (from picking, transporting and up to the processing of the fresh products) and check if HACCP System (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) was strictly observed by the food handlers and find out in which part of the flow that is considered as CCP ( Critical Control Point) that caused contamination. After able to find the cause of contamination a corrective action should be done to stop or prevent the same situation on the next production. As part of the social responsibility, it would be wise to recall the products from the retailers and inform the consumers (through media) immediately to return the unused products before an outbreak may happen due to the contaminated food.

The company (Nutritional Foods) will take the responsibility to pay all the hospital bills/medications to those consumers who suffered food poisoning after eating contaminated products. I believed that showing concern to the affected consumers and admitting the liability could not totally damage the name of the company. It could even give another door to open and launch a new food product. And if this happen the company should see to it that everything on the process should religiously follow the food safety and sanitation to prevent same incident to occur on the future.

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