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Economic Engine Essay Sample

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Economic Engine Essay Sample

In towns like Miami, where real estate development is an economic engine, businesses’ focus on how to keep that growth growing for as long as they can. An altered south Florida, the coast would radically change by five feet of sea-level rise in 2100 (under consideration by multiple agencies planning for Florida’s future). Some of the canals built to drain the everglades empty into the Atlantic Ocean. Higher seas have already allowed salt water to flow inland through the canals, gates now keep out most salt water, and massive pumps keep canals from overflowing. These pumps keep canals from overflowing by pushing excess rainwater out of the oceans. If the flooding villages succeeds, a range of other possibilities opens up, like flooding communities, flooding schools, flooding hospitals, etc.

Florida’s future will be defined by a noisy, contentious public debate over taxes, zoning, public work projects, and property rights, which will be a debate forced by rising waters. Storm surges, the quick sea level caused by heavy winds, will be significantly more damaging by 2100, climate scientists predict, they are often the big threat to life and property. In my opinion, by researches we know that by 2100 all this should be starting to happen so honesty I think now is definitely the time for us, humans, to start taking actions and do whatever we can do to try to make this situation better. Maybe we will not be able to stop it from happening but we might be able to reduce what will happen or reduce the amount of damage, and many other things like this.

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