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Education Study Essay Sample

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Education Study Essay Sample

Education, we hear that word quite frequently, but what does it mean? Dictionary defines it as ‘’ the knowledge and development resulting from an educational process’’. It is important for every one to have some education to be successful in life. The amounts and types of education vary, but we all need the basics of reading, writing, and math to be successful. It is important for everyone to stay in school as it provides a successful and a better means of life The society says the more educated you are, the better off you are. I agree with the society. Education not only gets you educated and gets you into high paying jobs, but education also teaches one of the most important lessons of life. Its helps us people to differentiate from right to wrong. It is education, which gives man a clear conscious view of his own opinions and judgments.

Education gives us important lessons along the way, as we succeed in life. As Newman says in his essay ‘’ education aims at raising the intellectual tone of society, and at cultivating the public mind’’ Newman also points out something which I agree with which is that, education teaches man to see things as they are, to go right to the point , it shows him how to accommodate himself to others, and how to come into an understanding with them. Therefore, education is more than just knowledge of various subjects, but it also teaches the basics of life, making life easier and more successful. Most players have the dream of becoming a athlete. Some want to be a football player, basketball player, and etc. it is not easy to become an athlete. Not only do you have to be good at the sport, but you also have to be going to college and getting grades that they require in order to play in the team. Education comes in first no matter what you are going to do if you want to become a sports tar, a chef, or even a construction worker. Even construction workers require certain amount of education to get the job.

One of the main benefits of being educated and a college athlete is that if you don’t make it in the professionals you still have your college degree to count on. If you are a good athlete you can study on a scholarship. My main point is that education comes in first no matter what we are going to do. Without education a man is nothing in this world. One of the most important reasons why everyone should stay in school is that it keeps you out of trouble. Now a day, the kids from this generation think that it is cool to bunk school or drop out just as brook states in the book. Kids are dropping out of school getting involved with drugs, gang fights, and god knows what else. Every year we hear on the news some kid dies from over dose of drugs or some one got shot in a gang fight. They also show a change in their attitude. They become rude, disrespectful, and careless.

They look at the short-term benefits of dropping out of school, which are partying, drugs, and staying up late. They do not think of the long run. On the other hand if they stay in school they will be staying out of all these troubles. They may not benefit in the short –term, but for sure will benefit in the long run when they will be educated and successful in life. In conclusion, I agree with the campaign that the NBA mounted urging students to stay in school. It is for there own good. It will help them to understand things better. It will help them to understand the means of life. It will help them stand independent on their feet. School will help kids to stay away from the wrong path of drugs and getting involved in the wrong society. School will also help all the kids that want to become athletes get educated. Therefore, education is the key to a successful means of life.

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