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Educational intervention, reflection and personal study Essay Sample

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Educational intervention, reflection and personal study Essay Sample

Dr L.Wing in his article “Autistic Spectrum disorders” located at a Contact a Family website, states that autistic spectrum disorder is a term used to describe a combination of disorders that affect the development of social interaction, communication and imagination. The book “Autistic Spectrum disorders” published by the California department of developmental services in 2002, says that this group of disorders includes autistic disorder, pervasive developmental disorder, and Asperger’s disorder.

Of course, sometimes these disorders appear and pass on their own, but in most cases they’re associated with various disabilities, like attention deficit disorders and learning disabilities. Thus children who suffer from this kind of disorder demand specific attention to them. To teach them and reveal their intellectual potential specific methods should be used. M.J.Connor in his article “Early Intervention In Autistic Spectrum Disorders (Lovaas)

Baseline and Follow-Up Assessment” tells that in any stressful educational situation three factors will play their role for an ASD child, which are:

  1. Any prior experience of a (formal) assessment setting.
  2. Attention and concentration span.
  3. Familiarity with the assessor (and the assessor’s familiarity with the child’s style).

Teaching and behaving an ASD child or an adult requires loads of time and skill. The relatives and caregivers have to choose carefully the method of treatment for the patient, as different methods have different effect on various patients. The treatment which helped one specific patient a lot may not make any effect on the mental or physical condition of the other, or it even may cause the impairment of the situation. That’s why guardians have to make a careful research on the existing methods of ASD treatment before choosing any of them.

The creators of the ASD resource guide advise their readers to ask themselves or their doctor some questions, before deciding on the type of intervention. Those are:

  • Whether the given treatment will be the part of the complex interdisciplinary approach to the problem?
  • Has the thorough research on this type of intervention been conducted, and what amount of patients did it get the data from?
  • How will this intervention affect the life in the family? (its cost, the effort and time needed)
  • Whether the results of the given method are necessary for the patient at present time and in future&
  • How the intervention program will be integrated into the person’s current program throughout her/his day?

Nowadays throughout the world several health and educational facilities are organized where people, living with ASD can receive a course of dolphin therapy. It’s proven that after communicating with dolphins the patients experience a great improvement with their intellectual and communicational skills, and the immune system also receives a great boost after that kind of treatment.

Dolphin therapy is a medical-psychological complex which consists of diagnostic and correctional blocks. The base for this method is the “sonoforetical model”, where the dolphin suits as natural hypersonic sonar. Due to this the stimulation of the patients CNS and other systems occurs. The constituent element of this method is the contact and interaction of the child with a dolphin, when a dolphin plays a role of a co-therapist. The interaction of the child and dolphin in a water environment allows stimulating psychosomatic and physical development of the child.

The dolphin therapy has two stages:

  1. Because of the high motivation the child has on the first session of the dolphin therapy, the brain activates. The child begins to integrate the information from all of his sensor systems, tactile, visual and auditory.
  2. After the establishing of the two-way contact between the dolphin and the child, the phase of conjoint psychological and motor functioning for the kid and the dolphin comes.

On this stage the therapeutist offers to the child to perform a structured complex of exercises together with a dolphin. The active interaction between the child and the dolphin takes place during performing the tasks required, like throwing and catching the items etc.

Than the development of movement skills occurs in the water. It’s conjugated with the constant verbal and non-verbal interaction with a dolphin. Every new element of the exercise is previously demonstrated and explained to the child by the therapist who is in the water together with his/her patients.

The dolphin is the specie where the mutual stimulation to the actions performed by the members of “society”, for example communicating, takes place. Because of their communicativeness dolphins try to perform it even with those, who are of other species. The therapist’s task is to establish and regulate these relationships.

As we’ve noted, dolphin therapy is one of the methods suitable for treating ASD disorders. It develops the patient’s physical, emotional and physical qualities and allows them to feel themselves more free and secure. Dolphin therapy is suitable for both children and adults, but it’s usually used for treating children. The additional positive effect, noted by the researchers, is the increase of the patient’s immunity after going through such a course of treatment.

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