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Educational market Essay Sample

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Educational market Essay Sample


1.There is a certain connection between social class and your education level and it also influences the choice of school.

2.How people valuate education.

3.The percentage of people who have higher education.

4.The degree of literacy.

5.Migration- the potential of foreign students.

6.The shifting role of women in society- they understand the need of higher education.

7.With the entrance to the EU, Estonia needs more educated people

8.Peoples interests and activity in educational programs

9.Ethnic subcultures e.g. stronger pressure on languages in schools

10.Foreign exchange programs for both Estonian students in abroad and vice versa


1.Internet- home studies via internet

2.Many learning abilities through internet (e.g. for business students web pages that offer questionnaires in order to make studying easier.)

3. Special software

4. Industrial research.

5. New equipment and products for educational purposes and research

6. New technology also demands education in the use of this new technology

7. New way of doing things

8. Satellite video conferencing e.g. interactive lectures

9. Technical achievements increase the demand on schooling ethics

10. Higher demand for technical staff


1.Garbage handling -research on environmentally safe garbage disposure

2.More education on forestry-preservation

3.International demands increases on environmentally safe products

4.Environmental awareness in schools

5.Education on affect of farming fertilizers

6.More research on water pollution and fishing industry

7.Researches on the affect of the pollution on wildlife

8.Education on increased awareness of affect of use of chemicals

9.International awareness and education on

a) pollution

b) climate change


1.Interest rates -affect student loans

2.Rising costs-increases of prices

3.General economic growth- more money to educate teachers and modernizing schools

4.Consumer spending capacity- more people spend money on private education

5.Business decline-consumers income drops- spending on education drops

6.Availability to get credits and loans-financing private education

7.Inflation-rapid inflation influences the cost of education

8.Domestic increase in specified branches-market needs more educated people

9.Recession- ministerial spending decreases some schools must be closed

10.Higher GDP needs more people with economical education


1.Political regulations on school activities- regulations that licenses curriculum

2.Existing laws- influence and set the rules for the educational system

3.Since the legislation is fluctuating the interpretation and creation of new laws demand high education

4.Legal studies

5.New laws might also restrict education

6.Governmental standards on teachers’ suitability


8.Governmental contribution to education

9.Governmental funding to research projects

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