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Advertising is the mean of conveying information about a product or service to the customer. The exact definition of this is describe or draw attention to (a product, service, or event) in a public medium in order to promote sales or attendance (Oxford Dictionary) History: First advertising agency was made by Volney B. Palmer in 1841. But the advertising agencies become popular in 20th century. And with the increasing effect of

the increasing effect of globalization they become more significant. In the beginning of 20th century, advertising a product moved from static announcement to a more persuasive manner. Companies were able to realize their customers that they actually need that product. By the end of 20th century the limits of ads agencies grown from print media to the more sophisticated and advance media like television and internet. Effects:

Regarding the effects of advertisements, it has positive as well as negative effects. Positive effects are that, they gives the human lives creativity, inspiration, variety, and above all it affects positively on our brain development because we constantly see advertising in different shapes and colors and we exercise our brain. Advertising can be used to inform, educate and motivate the public about non-commercial issues, such as AIDS, political ideology, energy conservation, religious recruitment, and deforestation. On the other hand, they have some negative effect on society like smoking ads encourage people and make smoking acceptable or less taboo to the society. They make people worry about their dandruff, the less glowing teeth, make desperate to get an ideal body and to have a beautiful skin. There are all kinds of ads, but in general they all aim to keep you from thinking and, instead, make your buying choices based on an emotional response Importance of ads:

The advertisement has become such an important factor in the economy of many countries that it strongly affects the culture, society and attitude of the people. With the passage of time more innovations are made, thus making a competition in the market. It’s becoming hard to get your share from the market. If we think of a product to purchase, we have a dozens of options to choose between. Today the cost of advertisement is sometimes more than the actual manufacturing cost of the product. The advertisement now strongly affect the society, people think that buying these products will only make them happy. And people judge each other with their belongings and the products they use. Advertising doesn’t expand the market share, it simply expand the size of the market. Advertising may encourage people to save less, borrow more, work harder and utilize maximum material goods. Examples:

Women began to compare themselves with the skinny and beautiful models in the ads and commercials. This leads to eating-disorder and low self-esteem. They try to maintain their weight like these and want to become beautiful like them. This results in more purchasing of cosmetic products or diet plans. They also increase the purchase of fat burning products. In some extent these products are useful but only emphasizing on these and try not to change your diet will adversely effect on women. The women may be depressed by the fact that they don’t look like them. It negatively affects a society by showing them the role models in their ads and creating a desire in the culture.

Children are the most serious victims of the ads companies. Every year billions of dollars are spent to advertise the product to the children. Every child sees tens of thousands commercials every year in average. It directly affects the mindset of the children because they pick everything easily and are not aware of what is beneficent to them and what is harmful to them. Food, clothing and toys are few examples of advertisement being influenced of children daily. We all know the fast foods shown to children in ads are less nutritious or somewhat harmful to them, causing them eating disorders. Today more children are putting weight by using these products that they see on their TV screens. Culture:

Here we are discussing the effect of ads particularly on the culture. The globalized economy uses same commercials and ads in different countries and culture which minimizes the differences of many cultures. It also generates a debate or discussion about the moral values. Today advertisement has gone beyond its boundaries. It’s not only to inform the consumer about their products but usually they are dramatized to get the maximum output in a less time. It was shown in an ad that buying a Pizza and getting one free is because; the God has placed its figure on the twins’ button. This can increase the share of that Pizza but it strongly affect the society and culture who believes in God and believe that he is a creator but not an amusement person.

When this ad repeatedly hit their mind, the mindset of that society gradually changed and in the next generation the worth and dignity of God will be decreased. Banner ads on internet due surfing or browsing are sometime annoying for the users. Although they help the website holders or ISPs to run their server but somehow affect the views or mindset of the user. When a repeated ad of product that claim that you will have a little burden on your wallet but you will get more out of it, is displayed. It urges the viewer to buy that product which was not important for him. Thus pushing people to spend more and increasing their desires. This ultimately leads to the mismanagement of their budgets and putting them in trouble.


Advertising is an important tool for companies, manufacturers, and service providers to sell their product or services. It helps in increasing their market share. It has positive and negative effects on the society and culture. It is changing the mindset and desire of people in negative or positive way. People should think about the ads whether they are suitable for them or not.


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