Effect of Chitin to the Growth of Bell Pepper Essay Sample

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Introduction Farming was one of the earliest forms of livelihood. Filipinos use farming in order for them to survive from hunger. Farming is one of the important things that made a significant effect on the progress of the economy. Today, farmers use different ways and techniques in planting crops. These crops are very important to the people because it gives the nutrients that our body need. Prior to this, farmers do

to this, farmers do their best to improve the quality of plants which is very beneficial to the people. Also, farming enables the Filipinos to earn money.

Because of the increasing demand of the consumers on edible plants and vegetables, farmers seek to discover new techniques in planting. They search for alternative ways on how to develop plants on a short period of time which will lead to the increase of the production of goods. In other countries, there are a lot of materials that can enhance the quality of plants. But, Filipino farmers must have to work for a long period of time in order for them to obtain the materials they need.

Is there an alternative way of growing plants in a short period of time? What are the materials that they are going to use? Will it affect the growth of the plant in terms of its height, number of leaves, and number of fruits?

Background of the Study

Bell peppers and many hot peppers are native to America and Asia. It is always been one of the common vegetables n the home garden. Bell peppers need lots of nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus in order to maintain its good quality.

Egg shells can be easily gathered because we have a lot of poultry in our community. It contains nutrients like nitrogen, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium which help the plant in its growth and development. According to Marschner(1995), calcium is a nutrient which is very essential to plants. It helps to prevent the common plant problems like the deformation of the plants leaves, fruit abnormalities and stunted growth. Calcium helps to improve soil structure and provide proper conditions for plants growth. It also improves the quality of the plant.

In this research study, the researchers conducted an experiment to test if the calcium obtained from egg shells affects the growth of bell pepper. They use bell pepper because this pant is very responsive to calcium.

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