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Analyze the effect of the French and Indian War and its aftermath on the relationship between Great Britain and the British colonies. Confine your response to the period from 1754 to 1776. (How did it help lead to colonial rebellion.)

The French and Indian War was a clash between France and Great Britain for dominance over territory in North America. France held their ground in the Northwest in the state of Ohio as well as present day Canada, while Britain had their place in the colonies along the Atlantic. The war sprouted in the Ohio Valley led by George Washington. France pushed the rivals out with the help of the Ohio Indian tribes, which resulted, into more wars with the two powers trying to win dominance over the latter. Although this was a fight against France and Great Britain, this took place in America among the British colonies, the effects and aftermath of the wars changed the relationship between Great Britain and the British Colonies.

One of the most important effects for Britain was that they were able to claim Canada as a whole as well as receive trading benefits with other countries. Britain was also able to hold their stand in America, leaving the French greatly reduced in the small areas of land that they owned. For France’s allies, the Indians, it was a harsh blow to the tribes. It led to the Ottawa chief Pontiac to hold a campaign to drive out the British by attacking them, unfortunately it wasn’t successful since the British retaliated with their infected blankets containing smallpox. For the Americans, who were free and desired more land, they headed over the Appalachian Mountains and flooded the lands. Although, the London Government issued a proclamation preventing the Americans from expanding further since they weren’t on good terms yet with the Indian tribes.

Americans during war time were at the burden of the war due to high tax increases. Britain began to try and control Americans, but the Americans became resistant; it was one of the factors leading into the colonial rebellion. Along with the high tax increases Britain’s arrogance didn’t acknowledge the American militia above the rank of captain. The Americans were taken aback and thought they deserved credit since they were risking their lives aiding Great Britain during the war to secure the empire. After the French rivals were defeated in Canada, American attitudes changed and saw a more independent outlook since they didn’t need Great Britain as a crutch anymore. Although when they tried expanding, Great Britain filed a proclamation preventing them to do so. The Americans went against their word and flooded the westward trails. This indicates the diminishing relationship on Great Britain’s rule over the colonies.

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