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Health Care organizations help people in need of health care gain access to it at minimal costs to different organizations. These organizations offer economic incentives for physicians and patients to select forms of treatment and care that have lower costs while still maintaining quality of care. By incentivizing this type of behavior, health care organizations broaden the availability of basic medical necessities. Today health care organizations are experiences different changes in the workplace. Employees are expected to assume an increase of workload delegated by the intent of work process evaluation.

Since its inception in 1953, Memorial Healthcare System has been a leader in providing high-quality health care services to South Florida residents. Today, it is the fifth-largest public health care system in the nation and highly regarded for its exceptional patient- and family-centered care. Memorial’s patient, physician and employee satisfaction rates are some of the most admired in the country, and the system is recognized as a national leader in quality health care. Memorial Healthcare System provides safe, quality, cost-effective, patient- and family-centered care, regardless of one’s ability to pay, with the goal of improving the health of the community it serves. Through more integrated relationships with physicians, Memorial Healthcare System will deliver patient- and family-centric care in a highly efficient manner with exceptional quality and safety outcomes for the benefit of the residents of the South Broward Hospital District.

Memorial Health Care System is able to work in a full spectrum model due to the fact of its well organize system. It’s an organization that operates on a large and small scale. For example, Memorial not only function as a hospital, but also provides to the community clinics to be treated that offers different functions such as marketing, finance, patient services, human resources and public relations. In the Function structure, each part of the organization has a leader responsible of his/hers department. If the Human Resource has an inconvenience or conflict the H.R. Director has to handle the issue. Of course, like every organization has a chain of command to follow within the company according to Lombardi, D.N, and Schermerhorn, J.R. (2007). The company has a president, vice president (marketing), vice president (finance), vice president (H.R.). The branch manager, manager (loans), manager (operations), manager (trust), manager (investment). Memorial Health Care System functions in all of these structures. All the five clinics at South Broward Community Health Services operates with three offices manager, two clinical managers, a Directors of Operations of Management, Director of Nursing, Administrator and a Supervisor for the Laboratory services. All the members functions work independent and if each of them operates and function well in their area the organization would reach the expect goals.

At South Broward Community Health Services (SBCHS) of Memorial Regional Hospital, communication is a critical component to help patients and employees to prepare, respond and recover from emergencies. In South Broward Community Health Services there are different method and tools utilized, to better serve and communicate with patient, family members and between employees. The tools that they use to communicate in the Memorial Health System are videophone, helpline, mass phone alerts, internet, radio, television media, and in addition community outreach. The methods, that are used are brochure, literature review with messaging strategies, compendium search, which is preparedness of communication, outreach the community with brochures and educational materials, and also site visit which is conducted through emails, according to Memorial department of health and human services in 2002. All of these channels or tools are ways to communicate better between the patient, employees, providers, caregivers, family and co-workers. These channels help the Memorial Health System to have an effective communication and all the employees are prepared with technology and communication skills to serve effectively the patients.

Memorial Health Care System share the system knowledge with their employees in many different ways using different tools by the media relations, phones, voice speakers, town hall meeting, conferences, fax, meeting with the CEO, posters and internet. In addition, when a problem or a rumor start automatically the mechanism of human resources and the media relations react. Problems are addressed and solve in a timely matter and rumors are clarify immediately. Furthermore, the employees can hear all the news and get information of the latest in the organization. The techniques effectively used in the system for sharing information and ideas is their own MHS intranet that display a variety of news and different resources to be effectively communicate between the system. According to (Schlossberg, 2005), teamwork approach and feedback is the most effective technique for sharing information and ideas. Memorial Health Care System use teamwork as a base to success in the health care, since we can have a positive and also a negative feedback from patients and employees.

Team work and a safe environment help the system to succeed in their company goals. As a consequence, Memorial Health Care System count with a technique the can be consider ineffective, in this case is the team size. To work together and effectively the team should work without disagreement or at least should know how to handle the issue and in a healthy environment to reach the goals in their department. This can cause the company to fall back on its process if team is not working together for the same objective in common. If the techniques are applied through effectively teamwork, every area of the organization will begin to progress and each department would succeed. For example, if patients are pleased, committed employees will work with less tension and the team effort will produce better results. Teamwork in the health care industry is the key to reach the success in any organization.

Nevertheless, technology helps the health care system to reach their goals. Even though sometimes technology can suffer many drawbacks and the system can suffer. This type of he challenges would make the team unavailable to perform the duties or task if technology it is not working properly. Al Memorial Health Care System, issue with technology happen many times.

This paper has identified the organization model that best described the health care organization I know. It also uses different ways to share knowledge and information to communicate with employees if any problem occurs. In addition, also includes different techniques- effective and ineffective- to share the information through the system.


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