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Effective communication Business knowledge Essay Sample

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Effective communication Business knowledge Essay Sample

Write a short piece to describe the main principles involved in leading individuals and teams, and to demonstrate your understanding of the importance of these to the organisation. You may find it helpful to refer to someone who you consider to be a good leader of a team and explain the qualities they possess which makes them such a good example. Guideline word count 200 250 words There are many principles that I believe contribute to being a good leader that are needed to lead individuals and teams.

Effective communication Business knowledge Understanding of Teams A good leader would communicate the business goals effectively to ensure we as a team are all working towards the same thing. A good leader would have a great knowledge of the business to communicate the achievement of the company to the team. A good leader would also understand that their role is to bring out the answers in others. They can do this clearly by seeking contributions from the people who report to them.

My line manager is an ideal leader because she has the knowledge of all aspects of the job and lots of experience of the organisation and the companys values and objectives. Because she has such a good knowledge of the organisational objectives and goals, this enables the team members to ask any questions they have. She is always willing to help individuals who are willing to improve themselves. She has her beliefs and is consistent with her approach so this assures the team that if she says she will deal with something, they know she is true to her word and will do what she says.

She is very good at providing guidelines to the team and working with them as part of the team helps get them motivated and focussed as they all believe they are in it together, she is also very good at listening to the teams suggestions and implementing ideas where appropriate. Word Count 259 Key Task 02 unit 02 (3005V1) Identify how the objectives of the organisation affect and influence the objectives of teams and individuals within the team.

Provide an example of an organisational goal and identify how it has had an impact on team objectives. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of three methods of communicating objectives to your team and explain which method you consider to be most effective, and why. Guideline word count 400 500 words The organisation will set SMART objectives which will be shown in the organisations visions statement, different departments will also set SMART objectives that will feed into the overall objectives of the organisation.

Within the department different teams will be set SMART objectives that will feed into the departmental objectives and within the teams, individuals will also be set objectives that will feed into the team objectives, therefore every target and objectives will have an influence on achieving the overall organisational objectives. One major organisational goal which has impacted directly on all teams is A great place to work. Each department has this objective and a score is provided every month for each department. This has resulted on team objectives being Reduction on red taste panel result.

So if there is a reduction on red taste panel results it will mean the product has been made right first time. This has given every member of staff a goal to achieve and given them the confidence and awareness of raising issues to correct any failings at the first stage not waiting for a team leader or a manager to find the issue. The monthly scores to the department helps track progress and highlight any slips to be corrected and managed in a timely manner. There are many ways of communicating objectives to all members of the team.

Three ways are Emails. Advantages You can reach multiple amounts of people with an email and can contact people all over the world, emails can be sent at any time no matter if there is a time difference between countries. Emails are quick and arrive within seconds so you are contacting all the people you need in an instant Disadvantages With an email, you do not know if the email has reached the person therefore important information will be missed. An email can come across as being vey unofficial not as personal as being face to face.

Also, the person reading the email may not understand what is being asked of them, with emails being sent to a group of people many people will just assume one of the others will do the work and this has the potential of no one doing the job at all. Maybe not everyone will have access to emails Team briefings Advantages You can deliver a message or objective to the whole team at one time and there can be an open conversation so any issues can be resolved at the same time and any tasks can be set. Getting everyone together gives all members of the team a feeling of belonging and involvement.

A shared purpose for everyone to achieve together. Disadvantages You need to find a time when everyone is available which could be difficult if not all working same hours or at the same building. If you have a large team you need to find a suitable place to have the team briefing somewhere where everyone can get to at a convenient time to everyone. Notice boards Advantages Nice bright eye catching notice boards are good to relay simple information to the whole business. You can reach a wide range of people. Disadvantages People can walk past and not take any notice.

Only basic information can be displayed as anything too detailed people will not have the time to stand and read a long article on a notice board. I believe emails are good to contact a wide range of people and giving out information but for a small team as mine I like to use team briefings as with these I believe the team feel more involved and if anything has been miss understood things can be discussed at the meeting and by the end of the meeting you are confident that everyone has understood and are happy with what is needed to do next, they are also a good way to feedback positive information and thanks.

Key Task 03 unit 02 (3005V1) Explain the main purpose of having a competence framework within Organisations. Describe the process of conducting competence reviews for your individual team members and for the team as a whole. Identify the tools and techniques that you can use when conducting competence reviews with your team members. Guideline word count 200 300 words Competence reviews are an important tool to track progress of individuals and the team. If they are conducted effectively and SMART objectives set it gives the individuals goals to aim for.

A competency framework defines the knowledge, skills, and attributes needed for people within an organization. Each individual role has its own set of competencies needed to perform the job effectively. To develop a competency framework, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the roles within the organisation. A development review system is a good chance for a manager to share the weight of the organisational objectives and to set objectives to the team to help work towards the organisational objectives and have individual reviews to set the individual objectives that will all go towards achieving the team objectives.

Having all this in place will make every day to day task have a reason and each task carried out will have a progressive step towards achieving the organisational goals. Having competence reviews in place which are regularly reviewed and monitored will keep all objectives on track and any issues will be highlighted and resolved before any major problems can arise. Reviews have a positive effect on the individuals because it gives them a voice to be heard and empowers the individuals to have a chance to give opinions and discuss objectives.

Making objectives agreed between a manager and an individual makes the chances of the objectives being met greater. Key Task 04 unit 02 (3005V1) Identify how you compare the current competencies of your team against the organisational objectives and why it is important to consider organisational objectives when considering competencies of your team. Guideline word count 200 250 words When comparing current competencies of my team it is important to always consider the organisational objectives because the main aim is always to achieve the organisational objectives.

My team needs to be competent enough to meet their objectives which will always be linked to the objectives of the organisation. When I am comparing my teams competencies I am measuring their performance against the objectives which have been set and using the relevant method that we have used to measure the performance, we can see what stage we are at whether we are on target or whether we need to make any adjustments to bring the performance back to the level we have previously agreed we would be at.

This will be done on a regular basis over the year to ensure we stay focused and on course to achieve the teams objectives which will then help towards achieving the overall organisational objectives. If there is any identified negativity within the team, then this will be highlighted that we are in danger of not complying with the organisational objective this is a stage that all team members will get together to have a review and make the necessary adjustment and improvements to achieve the objectives of the organisation.

Key Task 05 unit 02 (3005V1) Provide an example of where the current competencies of your team do not fully match the organisational objectives. Identify activities to develop team competencies, and explain the impact of current competencies on organisational objectives. Describe the process of agreeing personal development plans with members of your team. Produce a personal development plan for individuals or your team identifying activities and timescale for completion.

Guideline word count 600 800 words. Key Task 06 unit 02 (3005V1) Describe how you will monitor and review achievement against the personal development plan and how you will assess their achievement against the objectives. You may find it helpful to refer to a specific example.

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