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Effective Communication in Criminal Justice Settings Essay Sample

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Effective Communication in Criminal Justice Settings Essay Sample

Police Officers

Verbal and Non Verbal Communication with Public Service Announcement
• Newspaper
• Radio
• Television

Verbal Communication with Testifying
in court
• Public speaking skills
• Present the Facts Clearly and Precisely
• Connect with the jury

Non Verbal Communication with
Testifying in court
• Does not communicate with prosecutor or witness
• Does not make eye contact

Verbal Communication Communicating with
Peers and Inmates in a Correctional Facility
• Adhering to the Chain of Command – Top to the bottom
• Ability to Clarify and Confirm Orders & Memorandums
• Peers and Inmates – Act Without Becoming Emotional

Non Verbal Communication Effective
Communication in Criminal Justice Settings
• Lack of Eye Contact
• Body Language
• Address Communication Barriers

Verbal Communication Communicating with peers and inmates in a juvenile correctional facility
• Ensure clear and concise understanding of SOP’s / Rules & Regulations Inmates/Peers
• Ensure new policies and special orders and assignments are distributed and understood.
• Use feedback effectively

Non Verbal Communication Communicating with peers and inmates in a juvenile correctional facility
• Can be both positive and negative in nature
• Body language
• Facial expressions

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