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Effective Communication Methods in an Organization Essay Sample

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Effective Communication Methods in an Organization Essay Sample

Effective communication in the workplace improves employee morale and increases productivity. Office image by Yvonne Bogdanski from Fotolia.com
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Effective communication in an organization increases productivity, decreases employee turnover and improves office atmosphere. Whether a supervisor or regular employee at the organization, the better you communicate–as difficult as it might be at times–the better working relationships you’ll have. Not everyone, however, comes from strong communication backgrounds, so it’s important to bring new employees up to speed on important communication methods. After all, a few communicators in the workplace don’t render the same results as 10 communicators in the workplace. Listening

In the business world, listening goes much farther than speaking and is undoubtedly the most important component of effective communication in an organization. When interacting with others, listening will help you avoid confusion, understand tasks more clearly and generate an overall positive connection with the person to whom you’re speaking. Additionally, if you don’t listen to people, they won’t listen to you. Listening extends far beyond hearing and understanding words. It involves offering positive body language to speakers so they know you are listening. These signals include making eye contact, nodding in understanding or agreement, standing or sitting in a welcoming and approachable way, and not interrupting. All of these elements fall into the listening category because they serve to ensure the speaker that you understand and are interested. Using these techniques every day will go a long way with your co-workers. Benefits include a cordial environment, people listening when you speak, and improving office communication. Speaking

Words are powerful. Speaking is an art form not to be taken lightly, regardless of how flippantly many of your co-workers might use their words. That’s why it’s important to allow others to speak first. Gather every opinion in the room, think about what you hear, write notes if you want to, and answer accordingly. If at the end of your deliberation you have something to say or if you disagree with something that was decided upon, it’s time to speak up. Take a deep breath and begin by affirming what others have said in the meeting, using your notes if you need to. Point out what you like about certain ideas and then, if necessary, what you don’t like. After spending time on what’s been discussed, you should state your opinion plainly, clearly and tactfully. Give reasons, evidence and statistics for the things you say. Wrap up your comments with a recap of the meeting and your opinions. It’s impossible to predict how a conversation will unfold, but if you loosely follow these guidelines–acknowledge others’ thoughts, agreed and disagreed points, your opinions and a conclusion–your comments in meetings will go farther than you ever imagined. Preparation

Preparation in every situation paves the way for effective communication. Before every phone call, business meeting, conference, interview or predetermined conversation, brief yourself on the components of the meeting before even thinking about moving forward. Write down things you want to discuss, questions you want to ask and points you want to make. This tactic translates into productivity, professionalism and respect from others. If you practice this method every day in all situations, you will find yourself facilitating meetings more often than not, so if you are a regular employee who is always prepared and knowledgeable, advancement is not far on the horizon. Preparedness not only benefits your organization, it benefits your career and your interactions with co-workers.

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