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HoN, DotA, Dragon Nest and Ragnarok – if you know and actually play these games until the clock strikes 12 or even the sun rises, then you are probably one of the teenagers who have developed strong addiction towards online gaming. This kind of addiction is similar in many ways to other addictions such as gambling, drugs, sex, etc. It is so compelling that many teenagers would have a hard time getting their bodies back in the reality. The question is: What do these games have that teens isolate themselves? Some adolescents are having a hard time dealing with stress that they tend to see online games as stress relievers. Of course, these games also offer entertainment. Some play to kill time. These may also strengthen the bond between friends especially when playing together. Players of these games are regular students who do not actually know what these games do to them since they are focused with the enjoyment these games bring.

Excessive online gaming has also its own consequences on the gamers. One effect of the addiction would be the switching of priorities of the students. Instead of these students doing their school works as they get home, they would actually sit right away in front of their computers and build a thick wall. This effect leads to another effect. They would not even notice that they are wearing their uniforms for 12 hours already. They become so concentrated that they do not see how the time flies which tends to them skipping meals and losing sleep. As they lose sleep, going to school becomes an option. Their deprivation of sleep would unquestionably lead to sickness. This is how a normal scenario goes: student A arrives home and he must be really tired. He sees online gaming as a tiredness reliever and puts aside the homework first. After one game, two games, three games, he eventually forgets about his homework. Playing a game is like locking oneself in a big cage where one can get lost once he enters.

The addiction for playing online games would not get the affected students anywhere. They would not earn and learn academically from it. Instead, they should use their time very wisely since there are many things to spend their time with. It is just about learning how to balance and prioritize everything: family, friends, playing, school works, sports, hobbies and the like. It may not be as easy as counting 1 2 3, but it will be worth it. Marcus Tullius Cicero once said, “Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide.”

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