Effects of the First World War Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

One of the first effects is, that because the death toll was quite high for the war and the injured civilians and soldiers was also very high. The effect of this was that because most of the population was unemployed and all the injured civilians and soldiers were in hospital being treated, it was costing the government a lot of money to treat the injured people and the economy was getting damaged by this. Another one of the effects are that because airships and aeroplanes were involved in the war to bomb the enemy cities as the war, for the first time, effected the civilians living in the countries. Due to this, both countries used submarines to sink ships that were taking food and other supplies into the enemy lands. The outcome of these acts resulted in many countries running out of food and the other necessities which caused the countries having to ration their supplies, such as Germany. The war also caused terrible damage to the land that was fought on. One of the worst fighting took place in France where land greater than the size of Wales was totally wrecked.

Farm land was upturned into waste and mud because of gunfire. Masses of farm animals had been killed by soldiers to provide food for them. Three-quarters of a million homes were ruined causing two million people to become homeless. The war also caused many European countries to owe debts to the USA in 1918. Some of the debts included were France who owed $2,997,000,000 and Britain who owed a staggering $4,277,000,000. This also caused economic depression. One last effect was that when all the men were at the war, women took over the men’s jobs and soon became independent, totally unlike what they would have been before, but, when the men returned from war and had fully recovered they were out of work as the women were working and were soon becoming bored. In order to prevent this, the men soon starting demanding that the women gave up their jobs and returned to living as how they usually did so that they could get their jobs back, much to the women’s displeasure.

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