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Are you one of the third year high school of Our Lady of Peace school, Antipolo City that are very addicted to computer games and online games like dota, counter strike, left for dead, etc? What are the positive and negative effects of computer games and online games to your grades and to your performance in school or even to your life?

Nowadays some third year high school students of Our Lady of Peace School were very addicted to computer games especially a computer game called “Dota” or also called “Warcraft”. Two studies recently published by Jeffrey Snodgrass, associate professor of anthropology at Colorado State, examine types of computer gaming experiences and the effects they can have on players’ lives, including their self-reported levels of stress, life satisfaction and happiness. In both studies, Snodgrass and his research team examined the popular online game, World of Warcraft, which currently has about 12 million players worldwide. In the game, players develop avatars and complete tasks in cooperation with other players. The complex and highly interactive nature of the game can lead players to feel as though they have become part of a vividly compelling alternate universe that is in some important sense separate from the world outside the game. These types of games are known as massively multiplayer online games, or MMOs. At a given time, a player could have the potential for interaction with hundreds or thousands of other players.

Some surveys said that the positive effects of computer games may be good for the brain, according to The Boston Globe. Klopfer says that because video games are hard, this encourages players to try to solve the puzzle. In fact, these games are not only hard; they have levels that get increasingly harder, pushing gamers to get to the next level of ability. This adaptive process is “stunningly powerful” for learning, according to MIT neuroscientist John Gabrieli. The beauty of video games is the limitless ways in which it can teach students. Some games focus on mental tasks. Fast, action games boost different skills, such as visual acuity and spatial perception. Strategy games improve memory and reasoning. The research MIT scientists conducted on video games improving brain function is so compelling that scientists are no longer asking if students learn anything from video games–now they ask what parts of the games foster which type of learning. But some said that the negative effects of computer games teach children that problems can be solved with little or no personal investment or by violence. These games indicate that rather than talking through and taking responsibility for problems, shooting or other acts of violence can elicit correct responses and make problems go away.

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