Eggshells Used in chalk production Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Background of the Study

The Research is about the effectiveness of eggshells as an alternative ingredient in chalk production. The study is very efficient in these days because many people are in need of chalk. The components of chalk are so complex that it had the capacity to make other things beside chalk itself. The chalk is a white porous sedimentary rock, a form of sedimentary rock composed of mineral calcite. It forms under reasonably deep marine conditions from the gradual accumulation of minute calcite plates shed belonging to the division of haptophytes.

They function as a special calcium carbonate. Eggshell is another object that has the presence of calcium carbonate. It is used by animals to store their young in it and protect it. Some birds like the chicken force the eggs out while some wait for some time until it is out. The chicken egg is usually made as human food, and the others are left alone to give birth to life. The importance of conducting this research is that if the researchers succeed in looking for an alternative source for chalk, it would be easier to make one piece of it and it could contribute a lot of good things to waste management. Statement of the Problem

The Study aims to discover the effectiveness of eggshells in producing chalk in terms of the chalks Whiteness, Durability, Texture, and its writing capabilities.


The Study has concluded that eggshells can be an alternative ingredient in chalk production for it has same chemicals that are used in commercial chalk production.

Scope and Limitations

The Study is only limited and focused

on the investigation of Chicken Eggshells(Gallus Domesticus) used as an alternative source for chalk

production. The researchers chose this study for further investigation if eggshells can be an effective source for chalk production. The Study will only observe the product’s effectiveness in terms of its durability, texture, whiteness and writing capabilities. The product is only focused on one function which is for use in writing in a chalkboard.

Significance of the Study

The Study will benefit the entire community of the school, especially to the teachers and faculty members. They will not waste more money on buying commercial chalk because they can make their own chalk at home. The people who are making use of eggs daily for food can benefit on this study because they can recycle this eggshells to chalk which they can use.

Research Design

This study uses the experimental design of research. The research experimented on the use of eggshells as an alternative ingredient in chalk production. The research used 40g of eggshell powder. This study aims to know how eggshell can be effective in chalk production in terms of: Whiteness, Texture, Durability and Writing Capabilities it has on a black board.

Sampling Procedure

The study aims to know the effectiveness of eggshells as an alternative ingredient in chalk production. The study used 40g of eggshell powder and 20g of flour in the chalk. The eggshell flour was gathered in the researchers’ houses. They gathered used eggshells and flour.


The study used these materials to conduct the experiment. A mixing bowl to mix the water, powdered eggshells and flour together, a sheet of hard paper to mold the chalk to a cylindrical shape, mortar and pestle to crush the eggshells into fine powder , weighing scale to measure the amount of grams of Eggshell powder and Flour, a beaker to contain the amount of hot water, a teaspoon to measure the amount of hot water to be added on the mixture.

Research Procedure

The researchers collected 10 used eggshells and Flour to produce the chalk. First, the researchers cleaned the eggshells, washed them and peeled of the skin. Then they grinded the 5 eggshells until they turned to very fine powder. Then they used 40 grams of eggshell powder and 20 grams of flour and combined them in a bowl. Then they heated hot water in a beaker and added 7 teaspoons of hot water to the mixture. They mixed together the mixture using the spoon until it becomes sticky and a little dry. They moved the mixture on the hard paper and molded it in a cylindrical shape. Then the researchers waited until the chalk dried.

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