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Egypt Essays


King Tutankhamun

King Tutankhamun was a pharaoh of ancient Egypt at 9 years old. He was buried in the valley of kings, located in Thebes. Tutankhamun and his tomb were studied by various number of historians, such as Howard Carter. He wasn’t

Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian mythology is the collection of myths from ancient Egypt, which describe the actions of the Egyptian gods as a means of understanding the world. The beliefs that these myths express are an important part of ancient Egyptian religion. Myths

Egyptian Gods

Ra Sun God, King of the Gods  a falcon crowned with a sun disk or a man with a falcon’s head Ra was the God of the Sun. He sailed across the heavens in a boat called the ‘Barque of

18Th Dynasty Egyptian Jewelry

Abstract Jewelry has an essential part in the daily and after-life of the peoples of ancient Egypt. Aside from man’s inherent fascination to beautiful objects, Egyptians esteemed it for their idea of its spiritual and supernatural attributes. More than just

Cairo Egypt

Cairo lies in the Northern Africa, on the border to Asia. It is the capital of the Republic of Egypt, the great industrial, cultural and trade center. Cairo is the largest city of Africa, which has absorbed some cities of

Evidence of Religion in Tutankhamuns Tomb

The discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb in the early twentieth century provided the world of archaeology with an enormous amount of information about Egyptian lifestyles. The items and artefacts that were found inside the tomb revealed the lifestyles of the

The Hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian art emerged and took shape more than five thousand years ago in the ancient Egypt’s civilization at the Nile River. It was towards the end of the fourth millennium BC that several independent city-states were unified which began

The Egyptian Civilization

Since ancient times, Egypt has been called “the gift of the Nile”. Without this mighty river, all Egypt would be desert, for it receives little rainfall (Perry 45).  The first people who occupied ancient Egypt were Neolithic (Stone Age) farmers

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