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Through the political, economics, and social comparison of early Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilization, we see how advanced sophisticated these societies were. The elements that made up each civilization like a patriarchal society and trading with neighbors are elements that we still see applied in countries to this day. Both the Egyptian and Mesopotamia civilizations developed along rivers and engaged in trade with neighboring civilizations. (Economics) The agricultural revolution allowed humans to develop permanent settlements, which Egyptians and Mesopotamians did near fertile river vallies. Both Mesopotamia and Egyptians societies developed writing systems. (Social political economics). Both Mesopotamia and Egyptians civilizations were patriarchal. Egypt had many protective natural barriers like the desert, which Mesopotamia lacked.

Mesopotamia cities all faced internal and external pressures that forced them to establish states, while Menes of Egypt and his successors were able to unite all of Egypt into one government. In Egypt, commoners could enter government service for marry into a powerful family and rise a social status. Mesopotamia faced a lot of external pressures that Egypt did not. Mesopotamian government was in city-states, while Egypt combined to form a centralized state with the pharaoh as the ruler (Political). Egyptian society was not stratified. (Social) Mesopotamia and Egypt had there similarities and there differences. Whether it’s from society with their patriarchal system, and to Mesopotamia having city-states and Egypt having an entire nation.

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