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Introduction of TOPIC

Einsatzgruppen is a mobile killing squad which was secretly formed in 1941 by the Germans when The Final Solution idea was in play. The Einsatzgruppen (German for ‘Action Group’) started off with the method of going into village by village shooting those that were named the ‘Undesirables’ The Undesirables were the people of Jewish, Russian and Communist community which they were mostly targeted by the Germans as obvious, the Nazi’s did not favour these communities. With this method the Einsatzgruppen chose to use from the start was to Identify, Round Up, Assemble, and then Exterminated those who were name the ‘Undesirables’. Einsatzgruppen was formed of four larged groups which were labelled A, B, C, and D. Each group consisted of up to 700 to 1000 armed men. Einsatzgruppen had strict rules which were to minimise the distruption that was made and to conceal their grisly duties. The vast majority of the killings made by the Einsatzgruppen were using light weaponry such as pistols, rifles, and sub-ma

chine guns. Sadly for those who were found by the Einsatzgruppen were to dig up their own graves and

then were shot at the edge of the hole which they landed in. At some stage of this process, the Victims dug up large pits in which they all ended up being executed and all piled apon each other.

These large pits were then filled up whether these pits were all full of dead people or not. Officers of Einsatzgruppen started to think of other ways of which these Victims should be taken into hand, such as given them Trials and other efficient methods that were not so barbaric. Due to these problems that were taken in, the groups were then pushed to use fewer men and less ammunition to keep the killing more affordable on Germany’s behalf. Officers of Einsatzgruppen ended up gaining a mental issue as they saw women and children die infront of them which questioned them if this is right or wrong.

After this problem was addressed, Officers were given alcohol to make it easier for them to ignore the pain that the women and children suffered. After a while of the method of shooting the Undesirables off infront of their graves, they chose to give the Undesirables hope of living by showing them a resort, charming them in thinking that they will be happy, then at the end of the resort, they were pushed into a truck to their death by fumes in the back of trucks which lead to the solution of psychological impact and distort from the killings of children and women as the officers were unable to see the death that was bought apon them. The bodies were then dumped into a large pit away from the officers.

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