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Election Essays


Democratic - Republican power

“The Revolution of 1800” was the term given to the election of 1800 when Thomas Jefferson defeated John Adams. This had been the first time a change of political power went from Federalist power to Democratic- Republican power. Argument: many

The authenticity of the elections

Once again the same old voice was heard in NA-4 election in KP. It was the voice of the election getting rigged. The same slogan was heard in NA-120 by-election and even in the general elections of May 11, 2013.

Electoral System in the Philippines

The Philippines elects on national level a head of state (the President) and a legislature. The president is elected for a six-year term by the people. The vice-president is elected at the same time on a separate ballot. The Philippines

1964 Campaign Commercials

In the year 1964, the presidential election between Barry Goldwater and Lyndon B. Johnson happened and the campaign commercials became an important part of this historical event. Several of the election advertisements of Johnson deserve particular attention and identify whether

2008 Presidential Campaign Case

The race to the presidential nomination for the 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections has been intense.  This holds most true for the Democratic Party, whose candidates have been fighting neck to neck in the primaries. Both Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator

2008 Presidential Campaign

Several factors made the 2008 United States presidential campaign unique and noteworthy.  For the first time, a black candidate mounted a successful campaign for the country’s highest office.  Mr. Barack Obama proved to be a charismatic and formidable candidate as

2008 Presidential Candidates And Their Issues

Candidate’s Name: John McCain Political Party: Republican Party Home City: Job Held before running for office: Senator for Arizona. Policy Priorities: Reduce federal spending, protect human dignity and the sanctity of life, successful completion of Iraq war, national security, protect

Liking Ones Congressman, Hating Congress

During congressional elections, Americans usually vote for their favorite representatives. As part of the long-cherished democratic process in the United States, the participation of every American voter in an election signifies their trust and confidence in the principle of suffrage

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