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Introduction of TOPIC


“Education made us what we are” A famous quotation of a French Philosopher, Claude Adrien Helvétius. Education is such an important thing in our life; it is the key to individual’s perfection. Academic Performance of a Student has great impact on his future. It should be treasured and should be given importance. And it would cause chaos if it will be ignored. Nowadays, the most popular and favorite pastime of both children and adults were Electronic Games, depending on how we use, it can contribute positive and negative effect in our Education. Categories include strategy games, sports games, adventure and exploration games, card and board games, puzzle games, fast-action arcade games, and flying simulations.

Like other things, electronic games have negative effects. Some possible negative effects include less time spent on homework, less interest in reading and earning lower grades in school. All these issues contribute to poor study habits. Thus, Electronic Games has its positive effects too, a classification of Electronic Games known as Educational Games were made for Learning. It is a Great tool of parents to educate their children in a hassle-free way. Some software programs employ game-play elements to teach reading, writing, problem solving, and other basic skills. In this study, we, the researchers, will enumerate the Effects of Electronic Games on the Academic Performance of First Year VMUF Engineering Students.

Scope and Limitations:

This study will be conducted in Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation located at Martin P. Posadas Avenue San Carlos City, Pangasinan. It will be conducted on a span of One(1) semester (First Semester of S.Y. 2013-2014). This research will only deal with the Effects of Electronic Games on the Academic Performance of First Year VMUF Engineering Students.

Surveying method will be used in this study. Fifty Percent (50%) each of the total population of the Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering will be used.

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