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Electric Essays


What is the decision facing Electrolux?

Vacuums produced by Electrolux are relatively expensive as compared to the other brands in the market. So, the company is facing a situation where the consumers perceive their products are very high priced. It is like that because the vacuums

The General Electric

Executive summary             The case is centered round the launching of an e-business initiative at General Electric. Initially the focus of the initiative had been to sell online. However when the potential gains failed to materialize, the implementation strategy shifted

General Electric Medical Systems

General Electric Medical Systems (GEMS) is the leading manufacturer of diagnostic imaging equipment in the globe and also in some parts of Milwaukee, the General Electric located in United States. The competitive strategy of GEMS involves the tremendous strength it

How Fluorescent Fixture Works

Much of the lighting in both homes and offices is done by four-tube fluorescent arrangements of fixtures that are combined together although each two separate two-tube unit is an independent entity. They use same ballast, but work independent of each

General Electric (GE) and the 'Green' Movement

Introduction Since 1980s the market is taking a new environmental orientation. Every other company is going green in its operations and products. This has emanated from the increased consumer awareness of the effects human activities on the environment. As the

Battery Technology- Mobile & Cars

Introduction: Battery electric cars are becoming more and more attractive with the advancement of new battery technology (Lithium Ion) that have higher power and energy density. The concept of battery electric vehicles is to use charged batteries on board vehicles

Electrical Installation

Block L will be powered by a single phase 100A distribution board. Power One ring circuit will provide power for the generator/switch room and substation room and will be protected by a 32A type C BS EN 60898 RCBO. An

Over Voltage and Under Voltage Control Using Relay

INTRODUCTION The protection system is one o the important aspect on which major manufacturers is concentrating. The companies like L&T, SIMENS etc. The protection system not only provides durability to the equipment but also avoid hazards. The protection system is

Builder Pros

This feasibility report is to determine whether Builder Pros will benefit by purchasing a new tow behind concrete mixer. Builder Pros is a subcontracted construction company. On average, Builder Pros pours six concrete slabs per month. By purchasing a tow

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