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Electronic Essays


Electronic Retailer (I-Draft Company)

Nowadays all of people are use electronic device (Example-Smartphone, Television, Computer, etc…). In Myanmar, Official Retailer are too many. I-Draft Company will sell electronic with cheapest price. Access to well-known brands such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell, Apple, Cisco, Ruckus, UBiQUiTi,

Petrie Electronics Case Questions

Look over the scope statement (PE Figure 4-1). If you were an employee at Petrie’s Electronics, would you want to work on this project? Why or why not? Answer 4-36. A project scope statement is a document which mainly explains

Diagnostic Evaluation

In the following I will be describing a wide range of technologies used by a person with special or particular needs. While I was carrying out my research for this project I came across my old school librarian. His name

Electrochemistry - Inventing Better Batteries

Ever since Alessandro Volta invented the first battery, the improvement of batteries has been phenomenal. The investigation was to explore three hypotheses that our group had designed to increase the voltage and/or current from the Daniell Cell to form a

Water Misuse

A TEM image of the polio virus. The polio virus is 30 nm in size.[1] Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is a microscopy technique whereby a beam of electrons is transmitted through an ultra-thin specimen, interacting with the specimen as it

LG Electronics' Fridges in Three Markets

With almost everything now available on the Internet, retailers need to give shoppers a reason to buy their products by customizing it to their local preferences.  It used to be that “one size fits all” was the norm, with the

Electronic & System

Question 1 Part i Ns =120f/p Full load slip = Ns-Nr/Ns                                                            = 120*50/4 Ns is synchronous speed.                                                            = 1,500 rev/min Nr is the rotor speed.                                                             Nr = 1,453rev/min Therefore, the slip is equal to; 1,500-1453/1,500=0.031 Part ii Full

Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Electronic voice phenomenon refers to process in which parts of speech are recorded on a magnetic tape in a process that cannot fully be comprehended. Human beings can hear the recorded speech purportedly of a ‘ghost’ when the audiotape is

Bus Ticketing Reservation System

Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1. Background Information This project is about an SMS Based Bus Ticketing System. The system affects the Thunda Group of Companies. The company does not use any system to run their business. Everything is done manual, they

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