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A) Introduction:
1.1 In the first career episode, I will describe my annual project during the fourth year of my engineering study at the University of Aleppo, Syria. “Three story building lighting system design Project” which happened in 2002. I achieved this project as a under graduate student. The project started in June 1st, 2002 and was finished by Sep, 2002.

B) Background:
About Aleppo University:
1.2 “University of Aleppo” is the second largest university in Syria and the leading university offering specialized Engineering studies The university has joint co-operative programmes with many international institutions of higher educations from the Arab World, USA and Australia, 1.3 The University provides the engineering high education, I was enrolled at the Electrical and Electronic Engineering faculty that was founded in 1982 currently has 7 departments.

* Electrical engineering
* Telecommunications engineering
* Electrical Power engineering
* Mechatronics
* Electronic engineering
* Computer engineering
* Control engineering and Automation
About Electrical engineering Faculty:
1.4 Electrical engineering is a field of engineering in University of Aleppo that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

About the project:
1.5 The project main goal was to design and prepare complete study of lighting three story building: the project mile stones were: locations Survey, network design, load calculations, project write up and documentation. The project was 3 month duration; it was achieved by me individually. The university had assigned one professor as general advisor and assessor.

About Load calculations:
1.6 The load calculations are deemed the very major engineering activity student is pushed to work it deliberately. It mostly relates to calculating the active power that must be consumed by the building. Current and voltage formulas however used in this regards. In order to decide how big of an electrical service is needed in the building, I had to do a little math homework. Calculating how much power electrical appliances use is necessary to determine the electrical wiring ratings such as the cable sizes and circuit breakers.

C) Personal Engineering Activity
1.8 The data migration was very time-consuming, end users used to insert data into the default Geodatabase using NE which is known with a lot of functionalities, hence slow processing. 1.9 Then I came up with the idea of Intermediate Application; which has a friendly user interface, so it could enhance and speed up the productivity. So I suggested to my manager an application called IDB (Intermediate Database). 1.10 The IDB is a webpage application that has all fields (Attributes) that exist in NE, so the end user can migrate all needed data from the MoP’s to this application easily. After that we can transfer all this data directly to the default Geodatabase without the need of using the program NE for migration. 1.11 This idea of IDB had been sent to the CEO, and after his approval I became the supervisor of the whole process. In general, the steps I had done were as follows: 1.12 I wrote the Functional Design Specification (FDS) for the intermediate software that would be built by the IT team and used by the telecommunications engineers in order to enter the Method of Procedure (MoP) data (model and instance data) into the intermediate database.

1.13 I explained to the IT team during multiple meetings how they should build the intermediate application in order to cover all the functionalities that Telcordia Network Engineer provides and design our vision of the web layout so it would be easy to use by the engineers. 1.14 I wrote the Test Procedure Plan for testing the intermediate application. And I set up multiple meetings with the IT team in order to cover the all test cases. 1.15 I was the leader of the team which was responsible for applying the test procedure against the intermediate application, besides I was the communication channel between the QC (Quality Check) team and the IT team to solve any issue. 1.16 I prepared training material and presentation slides for the intermediate application and I was responsible for training new teams on the intermediate application. 1.17 I wrote the Functional Design Specification (FDS) for the application that would migrate the data from the intermediate database to Network Engineer geodatabase. And in this FDS, I specified that the loader must be capable of migrating the data (models, structures, equipment, connections and detail views) directly to NE default version in order to speed up the migration process as much as possible.

1.18 I wrote the Test Procedure Plan for testing the migrated data after migration. And I set up multiple meetings with IT team in order to cover all the test results. 1.19 I was the leader of the team which was responsible for applying the test procedure in order to test the migrated data after migration to ensure that the spatial network data had been migrated to NE geodatabase successfully and migrated data was not corrupted. Besides I was the communication channel between the QC team and the IT team to solve any issue. 1.20 I wrote multiple FDS’s for tools that would help the engineers during the migration process like reporting tools, QC tools and custom tools built on top of Esri’s GIS using ArcObjects (ArcObjects is a framework that lets you create domain-specific components from other components), I also wrote the test plan for those tools. 1.21 I prepared presentation slides that illustrated in details the process that we followed in order to migrate the fiber data into network engineer and I presented the slides in front of customers.

D) Summary:
1.22 In this design process, many tasks and problems were accomplished; the intermediate Application (IDB) had reached our expectations, and the data migrated received by the customer, I also got trust and respect of my colleagues which they rely on me as on experienced engineering professional. 1.23 Furthermore, I had to demonstrate my knowledge both in the engineering and non-engineering field, and that improved my skills and implemented my capabilities and abilities.

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