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Electronic Medical Records Technology Essay Sample

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Electronic Medical Records Technology Essay Sample

Electronic medical records are also referred to ( EMR’s) and are used in healthcare organizations to maintain, or either to keep patients medical records of their health. The data of patients are stored electronically. The electronic medical records is a replacement of an older version of files that maintains, or either keeps health related information of patients. Electronic medical records has various benefits to patients, healthcare, and healthcare organizations in many ways. The focus of this paper will give only some brief detailed measures of researched based-evidence of how the EMR system can be used for keeping medical information and is a better system to use for keeping medical records.

Research-based benefits of using EMR technology

EMR Technology in healthcare has a way of cutting edges in the use of healthcare with an advance usage of most medical procedures such as surgical procedures, and pharmaceutical products. Technology has provided other changes in healthcare such as communications through the use of EMR technology has given an effective way of communication with providing a sufficient way of accuracy and effectiveness among patients, an improvement of accuracy among healthcare providers, and a facilitated relationship with most patients and their healthcare providers. Some other research benefits of using EMR technology may include the reduction in medical errors, and promotes productivity in healthcare organizations. Researched information in healthcare facilities are importance to credibility in the healthcare industries, and this makes research important in using researched based benefits of EMR technology. Technology in healthcare also has the benefits of reducing the cost associated with moving towards facilities of a supportive base with efforts towards researched based care.

Purpose of Utilizing Research Health Administration

The use of utilizing research has its purpose in health administration. The purpose research is utilized in health administration is a direct important issue behind the aspect of researched based practices. The need of these practices in healthcare is to promote care, efficiency, and safety that may better serve patients, in a healthcare population. Health research in healthcare administration is also utilized with researched based -practices to provide important information to society, and this may be regarding health topics, and health issues. These health topics, and issues may include valuable information of diseases, risk, and medical cost. Some other types of research in health are administration is the research of clinical trials. Clinical trials are a proven source of helpful information to healthcare administration with effective medical involvements, (Cunningham, Weathington,, & Pittenger, 2013, ). Several forms of involvement of research are a discovery of healthcare improvements and the improvements of public care, and the public’s health, (Institute of medicine, 2009).

Influence and importance of stakeholders in the research process

When it comes to research the stakeholders may be the patient, the physician, and all of the healthcare providers who initiated the care of the patients, with care plans an it may include a research process. Most stakeholders are an organization’s profession that consists most of the researched utilization process in healthcare industries. Patients are stakeholders who are an influence of a initiative force that is driven by the usage of utilizing a research process in healthcare organizations. According to “Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (pcor) At Ahrq” (2014),” stakeholders are group of individuals that make clinical decisions that are supporting evidence in healthcare organizations that deliver healthcare services. When the research process takes place decisions are influences that are important in making decisions and they may include these process such as researched questions . When patients ask questions they should be answered with varily new diagnosis, physician’s research notes must be updated and processed with updated information this constitutes that patients are receiving new improved care, because physicians are the ones who treat their patients with evidence-based medicines. Each group of stakeholders are an influence and are important to research with their own unique ways of delivering patients care.


Researching any literature, materials or information is a process that has done away with paper or either a pen, or pencil, or writing down information is a known fact in society today. The impact of utilizing is a process storing information into the (EMR). Technology derives from the concept of administrators in healthcare organizations and their concept of getting information out correctly. The evidence base of researching material all derives from healthcare organization and knowing how important that stakeholders are an influence in healthcare organizations of determining of how most materials are utilized when safety is a concern in the healthcare organizations when using EMR’s.


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