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Elements of art Essay Sample

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Elements of art Essay Sample

Subject matter: modern artwork Marcando el relampago II by Tina Fuentes. Medium: mixed media on board Composition and content: the painting Marcando el relampago II is all about colours, as we can see the painting the artist used organic shapes in the painting to represent her view. The negative spaces in the painting highlight the positive space and change the nature of the warm colour orange. On the first impression, I could see orange as a person and the dark colours that create the negative space are the things or the people around him. It feels like he was trapped in the negative space and he trying to get out from it at a great force even at the cost of losing something, finally, he got into the positive space.

Elements of art:
Colours are predominantly used in this artwork. Black is used in the edges of the painting to create a boundary and at the same time, it is used to create a positive space in the centre of the painting. Cold colour blue is realized as the black colour nears to centre, adding value to the conversion of negative space to positive. Orange is used with its complementary colour blue to create a positive mood, and totally the painting is made in atmospheric perspective.

The artist has used organic shapes to depict the artwork. A lot of shapes in the painting are volumetric and the shape creates a mass to the painting. The shape in orange creates a strong personality as we can assume that as a strong person overcoming his difficulties

The painting is bordered by the negative space, pointing to the positive space in the centre of the painting the way the painting created makes us feel like we are a distance apart from the painting and we are considering the painting. The volume in the painting creates a size that dwarfs us.

Principles of art :

Drawing: From the painting, it looks like the artist used oil paint for the negative space and watercolours for the complementary colours. The artist was able to convey the message in the painting without using any geometric shapes but with controlled brush strokes and use of the positive and negative spaces. I believe that this art is intended to be art in itself and study for another work. From what I understood it is a conflict between good and bad where good is winning but from the name of the painting ‘marking and lightning’ we can see that the orange colour can be depicted as the lightning evolving for the dark and blue clouds.

Experience: When we look into the painting somewhere it connects to us. The museum took a special care to make people understand the intended meaning of the picture. The lighting in the room where the painting exhibited was in such a way that every colour and stroke in the painting could be seen. Before looking at the original painting I looked at some of the reproductions on the artist\’s website, I could see a huge difference in the work from what I saw earlier. One of the main difference was, in the painting as the negative space emerges to positive space a cool blue colour was painted, images in the artist website could not show the difference between black and blue. When I looked at the work in person I was more involved in the painting than in an image.

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