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Elgin Marbles Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The Elgin marbles are a Cultural center in Greece’s History and mythology. they are priceless artifacts taken from the Parthenon in 1801. The Elgin Marbles should be returned back to Greece because its origin is in Greece and should ethically be there. Source 6.2 says that the Elgin Marbles were not storage but a vital and integral part of the Pantheon that is irreplaceable. Being made specifically for the Parthenon, dormant for about 2000 years then just taken (almost stolen) from its place is morally and ethically wrong. Almost 99% of what survives of Parthenon’s masterpieces is exposed in London and Athens According to Professor A.M Snodgrass of Cambridge University he stated; “among these pieces, the British Museum possesses fifty-five of the fifty-six frieze slabs, all twenty of, the pediment figures and fifteen of the sixteen metopes, nearly 98% in total”. This is wrong because the British are making profit from cultural artifacts that have been taken wrongfully from its origin , Greece.

Another reason for the return of the Artifacts is the Public opion, According to a poll conducted during 2008 by the British Ipsos-Mori firm (2,109 persons in 198 UK locations), 69% of

those who were familiar with the issue were in favour of Sculptures’ restitution to Greece, while

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only 13% expressed opposition. In comparison with a poll conducted in 2002, there is a 7% increase in the number of the British people who support the Marbles’ restoration.

Previous polls, conducted in the United Kingdom during the 90s, had similar results, proving that the majority of Britons who are familiar with the issue are in favour of Sculptures reunion. The issue has also gained international recognition, from Australia to the United States, celebrities from the political and cultural scene. International organizations such as the European Parliament and UNESCO have formally supported that aim, while politicians from various countries have expressed their keen interest towards the reunification of the Parthenon.

Thought the arguments against the case are quite convincing there are points toward it staying in the UK that are plausible such as; The Lord Elgin Can only be judged by the moral, ethics and understanding of his day which tell us what has done, has been done and we can’t change the past. Though the sculptors have been taken, the nation heritage of the Parthenon still lives on and is far from being denied. Source 6.3 states “4.6 million people every year from all over the world come to the UK to see the Elgin Marbles ” because of this the artifacts have become part of the the culture and acquired a European and worldwide appreciation for it.

To demand the Elgin marbles back might stir an uprising of other people demanding artifacts to be returned to its rightful owners which might ruin the musem and others. Tourism might go down in the result of the marbles being returned which could cause a finacial loss for The UK. Another reason is that London is much more safer poltically, geological and environmental reasons. It is very likely that these artefacts would not have survived to this time if it were not for their removal to England.

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