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The first commercial space flight was in the news a few weeks ago and the man responsible for it was Elon Musk. Musk is a pretty wealthy (worth around $2 billion) entrepreneur who emigrated to the US and found success. He’s been involved in successful companies with SpaceX being the most recent.

Elon Musk was born in South Africa and lived there until it was time for college. He figured that the opportunities for success were better and thus decided to relocate to North America. He attended Queen’s University in Canada before getting a scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania where he got a double major in Economics and Physics. Upon graduating, Musk decided that he wanted to get involved in the three issues, which in his opinion, would have the greatest impact on humanity: Internet, clean energy, and space. He began a graduate program at Stanford University but dropped out after just 2 days to begin his entrepreneurial ventures.

The business world is difficult but Elon Musk managed to break through. The business he dropped out of Stanford to start was called Zip2 which was an online company that he later sold for over $300 million. Next, he went on to co-found X.com which later became known as PayPal. Musk was crucial in the development of PayPal and when the company was sold for $1.5 billion, he was the largest shareholder. This was his way of having an impact on the Internet. Having just been successful with 2 companies, Musk then went on to co-found Tesla motors. Tesla Motors is a car company that makes electric cars and Musk is currently the CEO. Musk wants to change the future of automobiles and make them cleaner and more efficient. This is his way of having an impact of clean energy. Now all that’s left is space.

In the eyes of many, commercial spaceflight is the future. Elon Musk agreed with that vision and responded by starting a company called SpaceX. Just like Musk was to make electric cars cheaper and more ubiquitous with Tesla, he want’s to do the same with SpaceX. He was presented with the perfect opportunity when NASA came to him and signed a contract making SpaceX responsible for future cargo missions to the International Space Station. Due to the national debt, NASA’s budget has been drastically cut and commercial spaceflight is proving to be the cheaper alternative. The first mission took place a few weeks ago and it was the first commercial spaceflight in history. Currently, the company employs 1,800 people who busy designing rockets and spacecrafts that will make traveling to space easier and cheaper. Musk has more plans for the future, some of which include Mars. This is his way of having an impact on the future of mankind in space.

Elon Musk has been an ambitious entrepreneur through out his career and he has managed to succeed. He dropped out of graduate school because he had an idea and he was able to turn that idea into a reality. He’s an exceptional human being who will continue to have an impact on the mankind’s course in this Universe.

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