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Two emerging issues in multicultural psychology would be communication, understand, and acceptance. Understanding and acceptance prove to be a constant battle in regards to accepting other cultures for what they are and stand for, as well as who those within the culture are. Another issue would be racism. In today’s society racism is growing, be it though a lack of understanding, or a simple issues such as one race taking jobs and other variables away from another. Through understanding one can eliminate racism, and the lack of communication. Knowing how to do so is the key. In today’s society one is constantly seeing miscommunication among one’s own culture, and even more so across culturally diverse groups. According to Michelle Lebaron (2003), “We do not always communicate the same way from day to day, since factors like context, individual personality, and mood interact with the variety of cultural influences we have internalized that influence our choices.” (p.1) This is due to a break or lack of understandings within the communication which hinders interaction, and causes issues among people.

All communication proves to be culturally related in regards to communication being how one learns to communicate to others. This is regardless of one’s culture, race, or ethnic background. Racism is just an added issue which proves to be growing in today’s society due to the increase in the amount of diversity within one’s society. Communication hinders one from learning and accepting what is different. If one does not understand what one is trying to say, then how can one expect another to be accepting? In today’s society, there is an increase in the amount of diversity. Then add in a lack of understanding and issues will arise. Even within one’s own culture one can find miscommunication which can later lead to horrendous issues. In today’s society one proves to be less likely to think about what one will say before they say it. This proves to hurt not only the one who is trying to get someone to understand, but the one trying to understand as well. Look at communication on a psychological aspect, and how can one help others if one is unable to understand what is being asked or told. Until communication can be understood across the board, diversity will continue to be an issue.

Not that within today’s society one has not tried to eliminate that barrier. Racism proves to be another issue among a culturally diverse group. One proves to be judged before one has the chance to live up to who one “thinks” they are. According to Anup Shah (2010), “Racism is the belief that characteristics and abilities can be attributed to people simply on the basis of their race and that some racial groups are superior to others.”(para. 1) As society becomes more culturally diverse, ignorance proves to take over the thought process of those unwilling and too narrow minded to accept what one does not know. This can not only hurt those directly involved, but indirectly as well. Interaction among those who prove to be culturally diverse proves to increase, and because of these issues arise that at times can be very traumatizing. Racism can limit the mount in which one culture reacts or interacts with another.

Take for example those who resemble the men who caused 9/11. Then think about how many women and children, that because they look like those men have been shunned by other cultures and classified as unacceptable or dangerous. The cycle continues until someone changes their way of thinking and understands that what one does within a culture, another does not automatically do the same. Each person from each race is their own person. In conclusion, communication proves to be an issue in one’s own culture, then alone across different cultures which have barriers and a lack of understanding. Racism also proves to judge others before one has a chance to even be understood without another unaccepting them based on theory or lack of knowledge of which one is before they choose to outcast them. These issues will not only keep one from having opportunities within one’s society, but opportunities to learn new and exciting things, to help others and to even make friends. Which in today’s society proves to be difficult in itself.


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