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1. Describe the five approaches to motivation. Explain how each approach affects motivation.

The first approach to motivation is Instinct approaches in which its motivation relates to the factors that direct and energize behavior. This approach affects motivation by the behaviors essential to survival. The second approach would be drive-reduction. Drive is the motivation tension that energizes behavior to fulfill a need. This approach motivates drive by a lack of some basic biological requirement such as water produces a drive to obtain that requirement (in this case, the thirst drive). Homeostasis, the maintenance of a steady internal state, often underlies motivational drives. The third approach is arousal approach. Arousal approach suggests that we try to maintain a particular level of stimulation and activity. Fourth approach is incentive approaches which focus on the positive aspects of the environment that direct and energize behavior. Fifth approach is cognitive approaches this approach focus on the role of thoughts, expectations, and understanding of the world in producing motivation.

2. Theorists vary on why we experience emotions. List the main emotions identified in the text and discuss at least two different theories related to emotional experiences.

The main emotions identified were physical, behaviorally, and subjective. The common sense theory seems to be the first response that
would happen in a situation with a snarling dog. When someone thinks of that first thing comes to mind is fear then a reaction to the fear but that’s not the case. Canon-Bard theory of emotion seems more like a reality response because first a stimulus leads to activity in the brain, which then sends signals to arouse the body and interpret the emotion at the same time. The reason I feel Canon-Bard theory works better is because I thought about my own encounter with a dog and I calculated my emotions and it seems about right to me.

3. Choose one positive and one negative emotion related to being a student. Provide one example for each of how these emotions may affect your performance in class.

A positive emotion related to me being a student is behaviorally and the negative emotion is physically. The reason I feel behaviorally is positive to me being a student is because I participate in class discussions and attend class every day scheduled plus get along with other students. My negative emotion would be physically because if I don’t feel well and I miss class I am going to have to start my course over.

4. Identify which approach to motivation can help you overcome the challenges associated with these emotions.
Instinct approach would help me overcome.

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