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There are many different outside agencies that contribute to the assessment of learning needs. I have two examples, and the first example is the Educational Psychologist. Educational psychologist is concerned to help children and young people who are experiencing problems such a like learning difficulties, emotional and social problems. Educational psychologists work individully with each child that struggles with any problems and this involves assessments of each child using observations, interwievs and tests if the child is able to write and read. Educational psychologists offer a wide range of appropriate intervetions for example learning programmes and collaborative work with teachers and parents/guardians.

This work involves research and advising on educational provision and policies. My second example is the Specialist Inclusion Support Service (SISS) and it offers multi-disciplinary support for children and young people (birth – 19 years) with a many different special educational needs and disabilities. SISS provides support in many different places, such as early years settings, nurseries, schools and homes. SISS is to enable children and young people with additional needs to feel included in their school and educational settings to achieve their full potential. Special Inclusion Support Service works in partnerships with families and other agencies in homes, schools and other educational settings. This service is make up of six specialist teams: Communication and Learning Difficulties (CLD) Team

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