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During week 2, Learning Team D broken down the sections that we will each work on for the final Employee Handbook Nondiscrimination Paper due in week 3. Karen White has stepped up and agreed to lead the team for weeks 2 and 3 since the projects overlap during those weeks. Karen will be covering the introduction, conclusion, one bullet point, and editing the final draft together. Sharon, Shani, and Sade will each be covering 2 bullet points for the final assignment due in week 3. As a team we also chose what topics we would like to cover in the nondiscrimination handbook paper.

Breaking down the assignment and allowing each team member to choose the subjects that they wanted to cover has worked well for us. This allowed us to choose the bullet points we each think we would be strongest at, thus benefiting the final project.

The team faced a few communication challenges this week. We had a team member drop the course without notice so we were scrambling a bit to ensure all sections would be covered for the final project. A couple team members had some family issues and were not online this week to check into the team forum until late in the week. However, overcoming these communication challenges was easy for us as a team. Since the entire team filled out the team charter we had other ways to contact each other than just the team forum. Text messages allowed us to gain confirmation that one team member did drop the course and allowed the others to let the team know they had some setbacks but would be checking into the forum before the end of the week. The team has agreed to try to abide by the ground rules regarding communication and assignment deadlines as outlined in the team charter for all future work.

The team as a whole is functioning well together and changes on approaching the assignment does not need to be made at this time. Going forward, we just need to remember to communicate with one another, whether by text or classroom forum before the weeks end.

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