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Employee motivation theories Essay Sample

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Employee motivation theories Essay Sample


Employee motivation theories explain the retention and behavior of an employee within the organization. The author explicitly says that the pertinent inspiration hypotheses and clarified the ramifications of representative inspiration speculations on creating and actualizing worker maintenance rehearses. The last portion of the paper furnishes a representation with clarification on how compelling worker maintenance practices can be clarified through inspiration speculations and how these endeavors are serving as a methodology for expanding hierarchical execution. To oversee change, associations must have workers focused on the interest of quick change and all things considered submitted representatives are the wellspring of the upper hand (Dressler, 1993).

Content Overview

Here I will explain briefly about three theories for the motivation of the employees in an organization. They are

  1. Needs Theory
  2. Equity Theory
  3. Expectancy Theory

Needs Theory

It places human needs into five categories ranging from basic survival needs like food and shelter to the need for self-actualization. At work, the theory implies that the employer must understand the current need level of each employee to know what will motivate them. The need for basic survival will likely drive a new hire who has been unemployed for a long time. On the other hand, a worker concerned with career advancement may be looking to achieve self-actualization, so they should be assigned higher-level tasks. (Joseph, C. (2018, June 27)

Equity Theory

This theory aims to maintain a balance between an employee’s input and output in a workplace. If the employee can find his or her right balance, it will lead to a more productive relationship with the management. For example, if an employee learns that a peer is doing the same job as they are earning more money, then they may choose to do less work, thus creating fairness in their eyes. (Definition of Equity Theory | What is Equity Theory? Equity Theory Meaning. (n.d.))

Expectancy Theory

Vroom\’s expectancy theory accepts that conduct results from informed decisions among options whose reason it is to augment joy and to minimize torment. Vroom understood that a representative\’s execution depends on individual components, for example, identity, attitudes, information, experience, and capacities. Expectancy is the conviction that expanded exertion will prompt broadened execution, i.e., if I work harder than this will be better. Such things as influence this

• Having the right assets accessible (e.g., crude materials, time).
• Having the right aptitudes to carry out the employment.
• Having the necessary backing to take care of business (e.g., manager bolster, or correct data at work).


SAS has created a work environment that fosters high levels of high levels of instrumentality and valence within employees. For example, managers at SAS realize that the need for work-life balance is a top priority for many employees and therefore seek to satisfy that need in a variety of ways. Therefore, employees can be confident that strong performance will result in the attainment of outcomes that they desire.


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  • Sullivan, J. J. (1989). Self-Theories and Employee Motivation. Journal of Management,15(2), 345-363. doi:10.1177/014920638901500210

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