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1. Know the employee rights and responsibilities in the logistics industry

1.1. Describe own work role in your organization.

Fleet Administrator at Wincanton for Sainsbury’s Northampton– responsible for Fleet Office Administration duties reporting to Fleet Manager.

1.1.1. Maintenance and protection of the Wincanton’s Operator’s Licence
* Maintenance of the company’s Fleet Management database
* Maintenance of the Motor Insurance Database
* To produce management information reports as required
* To assist the Head of Fleet Operations and take responsibility for various activities as delegated

1.1.2. To provide efficient and effective administration support to achieve the departments objectives * Database maintenance/control
* Produce accurate and timely management information reports as required * To advise and support sites in the actions required with the administration of the fleet * Data provision for the planning of vehicle replacement, services and MOT.

1.1.3. To do my job competently and safety. Adhere to company rules and regulations, under training given. Use correct PPE supplied. Take care of company property. Look after colleagues. Contract

1.2. Describe the statutory rights and responsibilities relating to own job role.

Legislation such as Employment Relations Act, Health and Safety at Work Act
Industry specific policies eg manual handling limits
COSHH regulations
Working at heights regulations
Safe systems of work for own area
Fire procedures and evacuation
PPE requirements
Security requirements

1.3. Describe organizational policies and procedures in relation to own job role

1.3.1. General standards operational procedures:
1.3.2. Induction
1.3.3. H&S at work 1974
1.3.4. Grievance procedures

1.4. Describe the main components of own contract of employment

1.4.1. Working hours
1.4.2. Pay and benefits
1.4.3. Period of notice
1.4.4. Redundancy policy
1.4.5. Holiday
1.4.6. Sick Pay
1.4.7. Work address
All of the above are outlined in my contract of employment when verifies my job role, duties other that our indicated in contract of employment.

2. Understand the role of the logistics organization in employment rights and responsibilities.

2.1. Identify the rights and responsibilities of the organization.

2.1.1. The Working Regulations1998
2.1.2. Sick Pay
2.1.3. Maternity and paternity provision
2.1.4. Equal and Diversity legislation
2.1.5. Harassment
2.1.6. Right to appeal

2.2. Identify problems that can occur when working to the employment rights and responsibilities of the organization
2.2.1. Driving accident
2.2.2. Personal injury

2.3. Explain the appropriate action to take in order to deal with identified problems.
2.3.1. Accident form and procedure
2.3.2. Personal injury procedure

3. Understand the use of information in relation to employment

3.1. Describe the main components of a pay-slip
3.1.1. Name and address
3.1.2. Employee number
3.1.3. Tax code
3.1.4. NIN
3.1.5. Basic solary/pay, overtime, call out allowance
3.1.5. NI, tax, union deductions
3.1.6. Bank details
3.1.7. Any messages from Wincanton
3.1.8. Gross pay for the year to date, NI paid for the year to date, tax paid for the year to date, union deductions paid for the year to date. 3.1.9. Net pay.

3.2. Review own pay-slip for accuracy
Know how to check that the information on pay slip is accurate; know which criteria to check it against; whom to contact if inaccuracies are identified

3.3. Review key information contained in own contract of employment

Actual working hours against contractual hours I Increments paid
Location of work ie if employed in one area and being sent elsewhere to wor Authorised absences agreed in contract such as training days, unpaid leave; are they being adhered to Salary against actual payments received

3.4 Explain the importance of information held on your own personnel file. – Provides personal and employment background and history of employee – Contains critical information, such as next of kin, address, telephone numbers, bank details, national insurance number, medical history, appraisal, disciplinary actions -Importance of information to be accurate, current, valid and relevant to the individual – Importance of information to be kept restricted and confidential

3.5 Identify the nominated person responsible for health and safety in your own workplace. Richard Bone

3.6 Describe sources of advice and information in relation to employment rights and responsibilities 3.6.1. Citizen Advice, VOSA, H&E, environmental agency, Highways Dep, utility compaies, ACAS, TUC, HMRC

4. Know sources of information in relation to employment rights and responsibilities

4.1. Explain different types of representative bodies Trade unions

– Government bodies
*HSE – overseas H&S within company
*VOSA now DVSA – traffic
*Police – traffic and criminal offence

-Work forums
– Professional bodies
-Career advisors
-Apprenticeship vacancy
-matching service

4.2. Explain organizational policies and procedures that relate to employment rights and responsibilities

Staff handbooks
Company intranet
Contract of employment
Health and safety
Staff notices/notice boards

4.3. Describe the sources of advice and information in relation to employment rights and responsibilities to include:
– access to work
– additional learning and support
– career pathways
– training opportunities
– health, safety and security
– trade unions

4.4. Select internal and external sources of information that are valid and reliable

Human resources
Staff handbook
Company policies and procedures
Health and Safety representative
Trade union representative

Citizens Advice
Relevant websites
Training providers
Trade unions

5. Comply with employment rights and responsibilities in the workplace.
5.1. Follow statutory requirements and organizational policies and procedures that relate to own job role including:
– health, safety and security
*Management of health & safety
* Safe use of work equipment
* Manual handling
* Workplace health, safety and welfare
* Personal protective equipment at work
* Work with display screen equipment

– personal protective equipment
*Depend on the role – safety shoes, Hi-Vi vest

– equality, diversity and harassment
*Must follow the correct policy/procedure and process

– data protection
*The Data Protection Act 1998 applies to all data that is held by an employer on an employee and covers information that is held on both computer and/or in paper based system.

– working hours
*48h week agreement, holidays, brakes

– safeguarding
*Wincanton employee and as such covered by company and local people policies

6. Understand public concerns about the logistic sector.

6.1. Describe issues of public concern that may affect your own organization and the wider industry including: – environmental issues
– low carbon agenda

6.1.1. Traffic management – curfew store deliveries etc.
Noise pollution – off fridge policy
Environmental pollution – Euro 6
Water supply – water recycling, rain water
Electricity usage – solar panels

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