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a) A final-notice collection letter from an appliance manufacturer to an appliance dealer that is 3 months behind on payments, sent 10 days before initiating legal collection procedures.

1. The primary audience in this subject includes the appliance dealer, and his employees who will be affected by this situation.

2. The audience’s general attitude to this subject will most likely be skeptical and uncertainty and will require the letter to be accurate, detailed and complete information.

3. The audience needs to have knowledge of how severe this letter is and they need to know on what exact day will this collection take effect.

b) An advertisement for digital cameras.

1. The audience for this advertisement is generally directed towards a large audience and requires a more general approach to market to the mass. The audience could be anyone from the community where the

advertisement is posted, anyone who browses the Internet who comes across it, etc.

2. The general attitude toward this subject could be one with an open-mind, informative, and awareness.

3. The audience needs to know detailed information including location, price variances, types of brands, and how this product benefits their needs.

c) A proposal to top management, suggesting that the four sales regions in the United States be combined into two regions.

1. The audience includes top management and all employees in the four regions who will be affected by this proposal.

2. The general attitude towards this subject could be frustration for trying to merge the regions together and possibly disrupting the employees’ location and life.

3. The audience needs to know if this proposal will take effect and if so when. They need to know which regions would be affected by joining another region.

d) Fliers to be attached to doorknobs in the neighborhood, announcing reduced rates for chimney cleaning or repairs.

1. The audience is the neighbors who received the fliers on their doorsteps and possibly the neighbor’s family members/friends as well.

2. The general attitude is informative and skeptical.

3. The audience needs to know the reduced rates, competitor’s comparative prices, and how this service would benefit the customer’s needs. The audience needs detailed information regarding the discount, along with a little background information on the company for reassurance that the company providing the services is reliable and thorough with their job.

e) A cover letter sent along with your resume to a potential employer.

1. The audience is the company you are sending your resume to and any employee who happens to look at and go over the resume.

2. The audience’s general attitude towards this subject could be one with an open-mind and one who is informed when going through resume’s to see what qualities and skills that can be brought to the company.

3. The audience needs to know that you are interested in the company and that you are taking an initiative to schedule an interview, and what you can offer to the company.

f) A website that describes the services offered by a consulting firm that helps accounting managers regulations.

1. The audience is accounting managers, and potential customers that happen to come across this website who is looking for consulting.

2. The general attitude towards this subject is someone who is informed.

3. The audience needs to know prices along with competitor’s comparative prices, detailed information on the services the consulting firm offers, and how it will benefit their needs.

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