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1.1 List the aspects of employment covered by law:

The law in UK covers the following aspects:
Minimum wage, Hours worked, Discrimination, Health and safety, Holiday entitlements, Redundancy and dismissal, Training, Disciplinary procedures, Union rights and consultation, among many others. Labour law covers the deal between employee and employer, Health and safety cover the work conditions, and minimum wage and other law set basic compensation levels. Within our area of work we also have the Disability Act, Manual Handling Operations and Regulations, Data Protection Act, The Medicine Act, General Social Care Council code 2001, RIDDOR 1995.

1.2 List the main features of current employment legislation:

1.3 Outline why legislation relating to employment exists:

1.4 Identify sources and types of information and advice available in relation to employment responsibilities and rights:

Outcome 2: Understand agreed ways of working that protect own relationship with employer

2.1 Describe the terms and conditions of own contract of employment:

2.2 Describe the information shown on own pay statement:

2.3 Describe the procedures to following in event of a grievance:

2.4 Identify the personal information that must be kept up to date with own employer:

2.5 Explain agreed ways of working with employer;

Outcome 3: Understand how own role fits within the wider context of the sector

3.1 Explain how own role fits within the delivery of the service provider:

3.2 Explain the effect of own role on service provision:

3.3 Describe how own role links to the wider sector:

3.4 Describe the main roles and responsibilities of representation bodies that influence the wider sector:

Outcome 4: Understand career pathways available within own and related sector

4.1 Explore different types of occupational opportunities:

4.2 Identify sources of information related to a chosen career pathway:

4.3 Identify next steps in own career pathway

Outcome 5: Understand how issues of public concern may affect the image and delivery of services in the sector

5.1 Identify occasions where the public have raised concerns regarding issues within the sector:

5.2 Outline different viewpoints around an issue of public concern relevant to the sector:

5.3 Describe how issues of public concern have altered public views of the sector:

5.4 Describe recent changes in service delivery which have affected own area of work

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