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Prompt: ‘It is the conflicts that occur close to us that have the most impact on who we become.’

She stood there, her heart pounding so vigorously; it was all she could hear. Tears rolled down her face, crying silently not being able to comprehend all that was happening around her. For what seemed like years, all she could see was her beloved mother pleading tears of agony as her so called ‘father’ stood there and abused her. Desperately wanting to stop them, yet not wanting to be seen she waited patiently in the corner, praying for the torment to end.

As a young girl, Jessie had the childhood everyone wished for, from holidays around the world, to princess parties that every little girl dreamed of she had it all. Though during the most crucial times in her life, the years that mattered most in regards to her education and who she would become as a person, she had been experiencing the heartbreak of her parents separating.

As day quickly fell into night, Jessie was unable to remove the vivid images of her father screaming at her mother like he had, viciously abusing her as she stood there so helplessly. The cacophonous screams of her mother echoed in her mind. She wondered why her father had become like this, this wasn’t the man she called her dad, this wasn’t the man she loved; this was a monster that had taken over who her father really was.

As she attempted to close her eyes she envisioned her new life with the parent she would choose to live with. How could she possible live with her father after how he treated her mother? But how could she live a life without her father in it? Feelings of guilt run across her as she was faced with making a decision that would impact on the rest of her life. A decision that would ultimately change everything she knew as her norm, a decision that officially took away her innocence, Jessie was no longer just a little school girl, she was now a girl who had to be strong and face the first challenge life had thrown at her.

Statement of Explanation

Throughout the piece of personal writing that I have produced, I have written in third person narrative form in order to explore the impact conflict has on the people that we become. In order to capture my audience of senior students, I have used a sympathetic and powerful tone, incorporating phrases such as ‘heart pounding so vigorously’ to allow the reader to connect with the character in my piece of writing. With regard to linking my writing to the text “A Separation”, I have aimed to connect to the character of Termeh and through my own personal experience explore certain scenes in the movie that I have also encountered. With strong emotive language, I aim to seize the opportunity to unite my reader and allow them to feel the emotions of the girl in my story. Exploring the conflict of family hardship and the real affect it has on children that are going through it. I hope to portray the message of exactly how much the separation of parents actually affects children and show a sense of how they feel going through it, closely linking that back to the prompt of ‘It is the conflicts that occur close to us that have the most impact on who we become’.

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