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The movie “Enemy of the State” that creatively exposes the issue of the use of high telecommunications devices by the government to see into calls, activities, whereabouts or just about anything in a person’s lives. In the movie, there had been a division amongst the law-making body on whether or not the Telecommunications Security and Privacy Act should be passed. In this bill, the government can put taps and bugs on almost anyone as they see fit. On one side, the pros of this bill raise the issue of national security which will be exemplified once the bill is approved. On the other hand, those who are against the bill reasoned it will be against privacy. The debate was ongoing as the movie progresses. Robert Dean’s life when he was framed for obtaining evidence of a murder of a politician. Unfortunately, this murder was made by one of the heads of the National Security Agency who used all the power in his hand to hunt Robert Dean down. In just a matter of hours, Dean’s life has changed as he becomes a target and everything he do, all his words, actions and even his history were a cause of suspicion. This raises the question of whether telecommunication devices put us all at risk.

On a national scale it can watch and prevent crimes, can put the guilty behind bars and can create an atmosphere of security for the people. From what the movie has presented, however, these devices can ruin lives and invade privacy. A very good question was asked by Dean’s wife when she pointed out the major problem of this bill: “Who monitors the monitors?” Who indeed will monitor those who are monitoring us? To whose discretion is it to decide who among the people should a close watch be directed to? Those people in power or those who are watching us can use these devices for their own benefit and this, in my opinion, is the greatest weakness of the bill. High-telecommunication devices have its advantages and disadvantages. Its use for national security, however, should be controlled such that the people will not lose their sense of privacy. Like everything else, the use of these devices should be in moderation.

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